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About Pembroke

Founded in 1624 to serve the common good through the promotion of scholarship and research, Pembroke College is a lively and ambitious intellectual community, where students and academics alike are passionate about their subjects.

The College's student body is made up of 375 undergraduates, around 35 visiting students on their Junior Year Abroad from US and Chinese universities, and more than 283 postgraduates. The whole student body is active in College life, with wide participation in activities and events.

Pembroke is committed to the tutorial system of undergraduate teaching with subject tutors here covering a wide range of disciplines.  With a dynamic research community, the College is proud to house several research groups. Pembroke Fellows are supported in their teaching by a team of College lecturers and the College is also home to a group of 24 Research Fellows and 20 Associates. Browse a current list of Fellows and Academics on the website. A support staff of 110 provides administration, library, maintenance, IT, accommodation and catering services.

As an independent legal entity, all major College decisions are taken by its Governing Body.  The Master of the College chairs this group, which comprises 32 Tutorial Fellows, five Professorial Fellows, six Fellows by Special Election, three Advisory Fellows (from the world of business), the Academic Director, the Bursar, the Home Bursar and the Strategic Development Director. Recommendations to Governing Body are made by the main College committees: Academic, Finance & Planning, and Student Welfare and Equality, all of which involve student representatives in their discussions.

Pembroke College is proud to have many prominent alumni. Our recent alumni community showcases the diversity of talent and scholarship the College attracts.