Academic & Admissions Office

The Academic Office handles all aspects of academic administration within the College, including undergraduate and graduate admissions. 

General enquiries

You can use these contact details for any member of the team. The office is open 9.00am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Email: Academic Office 

Telephone: 01865 286089 

Individual staff and areas of responsibility

Academic Director

Email: Nancy Braithwaite Telephone: 01865 276419

  • Overall responsibility for the College’s academic strategy, policy and operations, and for student welfare policy
  • Formal roles include: Senior Tutor, Tutor for Admissions, Graduate Tutor, Dean of Visiting Students and Disability Lead

Academic Registrar

Email: Annette McCormack Telephone: 01865 276411 

  • Oversight of Academic Office, including systems, policies and procedures
  • Lead on all areas of undergraduate and graduate administration
  • Disability Coordinator for students
  • HR matters for academic staff
  • Appointment of College Associates and Junior/Senior Research Fellows
  • Budget management
  • Committee Secretary for Fellowships Committee

Deputy Academic Registrar 

Email: Caroline Barnes Telephone: 01865 276410 

  • Graduate admissions
  • On-course graduate students
  • Collections and exams administration
  • Degree ceremonies
  • Prizes and awards
  • Committee Secretary for Academic Committee

Admissions and Access Officer

Email: Kirsty Simpson Telephone: 01865 276412 

  • Admissions for undergraduates students
  • Access and outreach events, including school visits and open days
  • Matriculation

Academic Support Officer

Email: Kirstie Morris Telephone: 01865 286089 

  • Undergraduate on-course administration
  • Welfare including advising students on financial matters
  • Financial administration and OxCort payments for staff
  • Assistance with academic staff HR, OxCort and allowances
  • Visiting students
  • Exam administration
  • Internships 
  • Committee Secretary for Student Welfare and Equality Committee

Academic Office Administrator 

Email: Philippa White Telephone: 01865 610903 

  • Academic Reviews administration (UG, PG and Visiting Students)
  • Scholarships and Exhibitions administration, including Scholars' dinner
  • Study Skills administration
  • On-course Recognition Awards and awards for finalists
  • Organisation of events such as Freshers’ Dinners and Schools' Dinners
  • Dean of Graduates Fund
  • Enquiries and requests for transcripts, meetings and room bookings
  • Diary support and correspondence on behalf of the Academic Director
  • Assistance with major events, such as admissions and exams