For Graduates and Undergraduates

Many students go on to read for further degrees, or for professional training, and are often asked to provide an academic transcript.

Centrally produced University transcripts are now in place from the Examinations and Assessments section for all students who commenced their studies in Michaelmas Term 2007, and have completed their programme of study (course). These transcripts have been posted out to students using the 'home address' collected at Registration through Student Self Service.

Students who have received a central automated transcript from Examinations & Assessments are able to request further copies, details are available on the University website.

Students who commenced their studies prior to Michaelmas Term 2007 should continue to contact us for transcripts as below.

For other students the Academic Office can provide a statement giving details of dates of attendance, degree course(s), examinations taken, marks achieved and degree class. This is normally accepted as sufficient evidence.

If you are a current, or former, Pembroke student and require such a document please email the Academic Office 

For Visiting Students

Transcripts for visiting students are compiled by the Academic Office and Dean of Visiting Students and include reports and grades from tutors on each course undertaken during the academic year. These transcripts are sent to the students' home universities by 31 July of each year, provided all outstanding charges to the college are paid in full.