Pembroke Annual Fund

The Annual Fund underpins everything we do here at Pembroke, ensuring that all current and future students enjoy not only an excellent academic experience but also many of the added extras which make College life here so special.

Support from alumni makes an important and immediate difference to the lives of students at Pembroke - to make a gift please:



or Call the Development Office on +44 (0)1865 276501.

Access and Outreach

Pembroke is committed to making sure that we attract and support the brightest minds, regardless of background. We run academically intense, year-long courses in Humanities and Social Sciences, Philosophy and World Religions, Modern Languages, and STEM through hubs based at selected schools and sixth-form colleges in London, the North East, and the North West. These aim to give students a taste of engaging with academic topics critically, in a way not catered for as part of their usual curriculum. We also hold a Summer School at Pembroke to give students an insight into life here, hoping to break down some of the doubts and fears that can be a barrier to academically-bright students even considering applying. Once at Pembroke, students have access to a variety of Annual Fund supported grants, bursaries, and scholarships, making sure that no student misses out on any opportunity. You can find out more about the programme here.

Student Support and Enrichment

Pembroke is committed to supporting our students financially via bursaries and hardship grants, as well as ensuring that Pembroke remains a vibrant community, where students can pursue their sporting, artistic and musical interests alongside study.

Some examples of financial support available for students:

- Students can apply for hardship grants of £400 a term to support them during times of financial difficulty

- Scholarships of £3,000-7000 are offered to outstanding postgraduate students, to ensure that the brightest minds are able to join the Pembroke community

- Dean of Graduates Fund – grants to cover the cost postgraduates’ travel for essential research purposes

 - Tutorials Plus – tutors can request funding to allow them to hold events or buy resources to further the study of their students

Each year £5,000 in total is awarded by a student committee to student-led projects and activities, such as in recent years:

- The Pembroke Musical

- Pembroke Choir tour to Luxembourg

- Pembroke Biology seminar series

- Pembroke College Volleyball club was founded – nets, balls and coaching were provided

- Tolkien Lecture “Our Myths, Our Selves” by Man Booker Prize winning author Marlon James

- Diversity Week film showings, open mics, food festival and discussion panel

Teaching and Research

Your support for the Annual Fund ensures that students at Pembroke have access to the best possible academic resources during their time here – a library that is open 24/7, stocked with all the books on their syllabus and other books requested by tutors and students; tutorials with world-leading researchers and academics, where students learn to articulate and defend their ideas whilst being encouraged to expand their way of thinking and explore all aspects of a problem; a variety of extra lectures, seminars, workshops, and discussion groups to further their study both within and beyond their degree subject.

Heritage and Infrastructure

At nearly 400 years old, the College is lucky to be made up of several beautiful historic buildings alongside newer, more modern additions such as the Rokos Quad. All of these buildings require maintenance and (particularly for the historic ones) sometimes modernisation to ensure that they can continue to fully cater to all of our students' needs.

Unrestricted gifts allow the College to direct funds to the areas of greatest need as these vary across the years, but gifts can also be directed to support only one of the above options, if you would prefer.