Academic & Careers Support


  • The Pembroke College JCR / MCR Mentoring Scheme pairs members of the MCR with JCR students to offer academic guidance.

  • The function of the scheme is a facilitative one; participating graduates are not here to 'give the answers', but rather guide undergraduates towards solutions themselves.

  • For example, graduates might act as chairs of small discussion groups with a view to lend their own expertise and experience where appropriate. Undergraduates will benefit from exploring their studies through the eyes of those who have made the transition to graduate study and hopefully from applying fresh outlooks in preparing their own work.

  • More information is available to current students on the intranet.



  • Students who feel they need welfare support from members of the College can visit our Academic Support Welfare page for contact details.

  • A full list of College members able to offer Welfare support is available on the Welfare People page.



  • Each February, our Alumni Relations and Planning Manager organises a careers event at Pembroke where current students can connect with alumni (former students).

  • Around 14 alumni are invited each year from a variety of sectors to come and meet students for one-on-one drop in sessions.

  • These events are organised in conjunction with undergraduate representatives, to take into account current students’ interests and preferences.

  • In 2016, we did something a little different and held an Empoyability Panel, chaired by the Master. Panel members from four different career sectors spoke about their experience to give students an idea of what employers are looking for. 


  • The University of Oxford has a highly valuable Careers Service offering an internship programme, careers network, interview database, careers fairs, and advice appointments with careers advisers.

  • The Careers Service is located at 56 Banbury Road and it is open every weekday. 

  • For more information about the Careers Service or to book an appointment with an adviser, visit their website or call 01865 274646.



  • Pembroke alumni are often willing to discuss career opportunities with current students.

  • If they wish to be paired with an alumni from a particular sector, students can contact the Development Office for more information.