Visitor Safety Information

The risk of an accident or injury to anyone visiting Pembroke College is small but by definition, a visitor is generally likely to be unfamiliar with the layout with the site or the procedures utilised in emergency, and many areas in the College have risk from hazards such as uneven pathways, steps and low walls.

Common sense and consideration for other users of the site, along with the information below, will reduce this risk even further - to as low as is reasonably practical.

Accessibility of the site is generally good, but visitors in wheelchairs or requiring other assistance, should be identified to the Lodge porter on arrival.

In particular, it is important that all children under the age of 16 are always supervised by an adult.

This page highlights those areas likely to be visited, some associated risks and the control measures in place. It is the responsibility of all Fellows, students, staff and visitors to minimise the risk to themselves or others when on the site.


General Procedures

Health and safety procedures are reviewed on at least an annual basis ensuring that any essential work required is carried out to provide a low risk environment.  Accident and incident report forms are in use and regular safety inspections are carried out of all our critical facilities (such as utilities and kitchen areas).

Emergency procedures are in place for the unlikely event of a fire or evacuation and you should make yourself aware of the nearest exit (which may even be behind you or accessed through another room).  Fire Marshals will respond to any incident but in any initial evacuation you should ensure that you move to a place of safety quickly.  Fire extinguishers and equipment are clearly marked around the site.

First aid assistance is available from the Lodge and a defibrillator is available for use. Rest and refreshment facilities are available in Farthings Café during the working day – at all other times assistance should be asked for at the Lodge or to an accompanying member of staff.

Should an accident or incident occur, the appropriate form should be completed by those involved.  Forms are available from the Lodge.



It is essential that children are continually supervised throughout their visit and in all areas of the College. We prefer a ratio of at least 1 adult to every 10 children.

Large groups of visitors moving around the College may also be escorted by College staff where appropriate.  At all other times, signage will indicate routes for visitors to use.

It is the responsibility of Group leaders and accompanying adults to ensure that the behaviour and conduct of groups does not put any visiting adult or child at risk of accident or injury.


Hazards, Risks and Controls


1) Special Requirements – Disabilities

Pembroke College requires that visiting organisations, groups and school parties give prior information about any visitor or pupils that have special requirements. In particular, Schools must provide information to ensure the safety of pupils throughout including assessments regarding the individual requirements of their pupils. A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) can also be prepared where necessary.

2) Supervision of school groups – lack of supervision

A ratio of one adult to 10 pupils is recommended.

3) Floor Surfaces, electrical cables during presentations, furniture – slip and trip

Pembroke College endeavours to remove all potential hazards prior to entry by visitors. Maintenance works are scheduled to occur when visitors are not on site.  However, urgent works may be conducted with no notice but appropriate warning, information and signs will be provided.

4) Route from Lodge to Rokos Quad/Hall, sharp corner, uneven paving and abrasive stone walls/steps – risk of tripping/falling

It is essential that children are continually supervised throughout their visit and in all areas of the College. Normal walking through this area should avoid close contact with this potential risk but supervisors of young children should be particularly aware of the trip and slip hazards.

5) Mahfouz Garden boundary low wall/high drop – risk of serious injury by climbing over low wall (Grade 1 listed feature) and falling from height

All visitors to remain on the marked footpaths, adequate supervision of children essential.

6) Bridge slip hazard – risk of falling down steps

All groups to be warned of steps at night and adequate supervision of children essential.  Disabled access lift to be used as necessary but operated by adults only.

7) Rokos Quad has steep stone steps with handrails designed for adults and low walls – risk of slip, trip and fall

It is essential that children are continually supervised throughout their visit and in all areas of the College. Normal walking routes through this area should avoid this potential risk but young children should be taken up and down to the lower quad/auditorium by The Henderson Building lift or internal staircase. Children should not use the steps unsupervised.  No climbing of walls is permitted.

Lifts are available for use in The Henderson Building and by The Harold Lee Room which avoids having to use the steps.

8) Rokos Quad and bridge – low level lighting – potential problems for visually impaired persons

Visitors with special needs should be made known to us and where necessary Lodge Porters and hosts will provide assistance.

9) Toilets flooring – risk of slipping on wet floor

Regular cleaning of the area and warning signs are used routinely. Toilets will remain closed in the event that rapid-reaction cleaning takes place.

10) Hall Servery flooring and hot surfaces – risk of slipping on wet floor and burns from Servery

It is essential that children are continually supervised throughout their visit and in all areas of the College. Accompanying adults should ensure that behaviour of children is monitored and that children walk in this area.  Floors will be cleaned as required by Hall staff to ensure a safe surface to walk on for all visitors.  Appropriate signage is in place.

11) The Lodgings steps, poor lighting, uneven pathways in garden, unmarked evacuation routes

All visitors to this area should be escorted by Residents of the Lodgings, College Fellows or staff with particular care taken of elderly visitors.  Children should be closely supervised at all times by an adult.  NB this is a semi-private residential area with no unsupervised access.

12) Gaudy Dinners with large numbers of elderly visitors across site - risk of falls

Event organisers to ensure that visitors requiring help are escorted by staff around the site.  In particular, visitors are encouraged to use the lifts around the Rokos Quad and the Bridge lift to avoid steps.


View a map of the College here.