Notable Pembrokians

Over the years, many of our graduates have made significant contributions to their chosen field, or achieved high office in public life.  Some members of our recent alumni community showcase the variety of talent and scholarship which the College attracts today. The following list of notable Pembrokians provides an overview of the sheer variety of people who have studied here.


In order of year of matriculation (year in brackets)

Tarik O’Regan (1996) Composer

Michelle Peluso (1993) SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, IBM

Tim Griffin (1990) Politician, Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas

Katharine Viner (1989) Journalist and playwright

Patrick Pichette (1987) Former Senior Vice President and CFO of Google Inc

Stefan Gates (1986) Television presenter, author, broadcaster, ‘Gastronaut’ and food scientist

Mary Creagh MP (1986) Politician

Miranda Sawyer (1985) Journalist and broadcaster

Caroline Hawley (1985) Journalist, BBC Special Correspondent

Tanya Beckett (1984) Television and radio journalist

King Abdullah II of Jordan (1984)

Patience Agbabi (1983) Poet, performer and academic

Radek Sikorski (1983) Polish Politician and Journalist

Major General James Cowan (1983) former British Army Officer, CEO of the HALO Trust

Sari Horwitz (1982) Three-time Pulitzer Prize winner and reporter for The Washington Post

Lieutenant General Sandy Storrie (1981) British Army

Maria Eagle MP (1980) Politician

Glenn Fine (1979) Acting Inspector General of the United States Department of Defence

Kevin Brennan MP (1979) Politician, Shadow Minister (Digital, Culture, Media and Sport)

Lord Ian Burnett (1976) Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales

Walter Isaacson (1974) Writer and Journalist, CEO of Aspen Institute

Archbishop Makarios of Kenya (1972)

Lord Peter Ricketts (1971) Her Majesty’s Ambassador to France

Princess Basma bint Talal (1968) Princess Royal of Jordan

Ambassador Philip Lader (1967) United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Oz Clarke (Robert Owen) (1967) Actor, Broadcaster, Television Presenter and Wine Writer

Sir Robert Crawford (1964) Historian, Former Director General of the Imperial War Museum

Sir Philip Bailhache (1964) Senator

Lord John Krebs (1963) Zoologist

Sir Rocco Forte (1963) Hotelier

Lord John Kerr (1960) Former UK diplomat who wrote Article 50

Dr Andrew Buxton (1959) Former CEO of Barclays Bank

Sir John Frank Mummery (1959) Former Lord Justice of Appeal

Conrad Seagroatt (1958) Judicial Commissioner of the Supreme Court of the Sultanate of Brunei

Sir Graham Hart (1958) Civil Servant

Lord Abernethy (1958) Lawyer and a former Senator of the College of Justice

Professor Geoffrey Raisman (1957) Neuroscientist

Sir Peter Wallis (1955) Cricket

Professor Sir Richard Sorabji (1955) Historian

Barry Strayer (1955) Canadian Court of Appeal Judge

Senator Richard Lugar (1954) Politician

Most Revd Kallistos Ware (1952) Auxiliary Bishop of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Great Britain

Lord Carswell (1952) Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

Lord Heseltine (1951) Politician and businessman

Sir Julian Michael Gordon Critchley (1951) Politician  

Lord Ivor Richard (1950) Politician

Sir Robert Clarke (1949) Chairman of United Biscuits

Philip Nicholas Seton Mansergh (1929) Historian 

Senator J. William Fulbright (1925) Senator

William Albert Samuel Hewins (1884) Economist and politician  

Frederick John Smith (1868) Physicist

George Birkbeck Norman Hill (1855) Editor and author

Richard Watson Dixon (1852) Ecclesiastical historian and poet

George Rolleston (1846) Physician and physiologist

Sir Peter Le Page Renouf (1840) Egyptologist and religious writer

William Corbet LeBreton (1831) Dean of Jersey

Henry Mackenzie (1830) Bishop and Suffragan of Nottingham

John Jackson (1829) Bishop of London

Richard Durnford (1820) Bishop of Chichester

Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1820) Poet, dramatist and physician

James Smithson (1782) Chemist and Mineralogist. Founding donor of the Smithsonian Institution. 

John Moore (1745) Archbishop of Canterbury

Sir William Blackstone (1738) Jurist, judge and politician

Richard Graves (1732) Writer and translator 

William Shenstone (1732) Poet

George Whitefield (1732) English Anglican cleric

Samuel Johnson (1728) Writer

Sir Erasmus Philipps (1720) Politician

Sir John Philipps (1720) Politician

Nathaniel Bliss (1716) Astronomer

Simon Harcourt, First Viscount Harcourt (1677) Lawyer and politician

Poet Timothy Hall (1654) Bishop of Oxford 

Sir William Scroggs (1640) Judge


Other Notable Pembrokians

Sir Roger Bannister (1946, Merton College), Former middle-distance athlete, physician and academic. He was Master of Pembroke College 1985-93

J.R.R. Tolkien (1911, Exeter College), Writer, poet, philologist and professor. He was the Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon and Fellow 1925-45

Find out more about Tolkien in the Oxford college archives here.

R.G. Collingwood (1912) Philosopher and archaeologist, Fellow 1912-1935