The Chapel

Welcome to the chapel pages. Clearly, this year will be very different for us all, but we intend to do all we can to be a presence to serve, listen and care for all members of the college community.

Firstly, welcome to all new arrivals and returning students and staff. Welcomes to figures significant for chapel include Niv Lobo, who is an ordinand at Wycliffe Hall, and who will be on placement as a chaplaincy assistant, and, music-wise, to Sophie Dunley and Alén Krajnc, who will be joined this year by Alastair Stone, our new (“junior”) organ scholar.

Due to the fact that there is only one door to chapel, and that members of the choir who are not college members would not be admitted, and that choral singing in confined spaces is not allowed, there will be no Sunday evening choral services this term. Unfortunately, this will include the Nine Lessons and Carols Service at the end of the year, and the Carol Concert usually offered for parents collecting students on Friday of week 8. Each Sunday is limited to a very short said service of evening prayer or compline, hopefully with an organ prelude and post-lude.

Sadly, members of the public may not be admitted into College or chapel as has been the practice, and the choir will not be able to eat together on Sunday evenings as has been the norm.

The role of the chapel as a place of peace, focus and prayer for the world, and this community in particular, will continue. As well as being open every day for private reflection and peace, there is a very short daily service at 8.40-8.50am, and Christian Union meetings from time to time – but there can be no singing and a maximum of 13 people present including the minister(s).

Please do use the chapel as a place of peace and focus. However, it is vital that facemasks are worn, handwash is used (it is at the back of chapel and outside by the door) and that social distancing is maintained. There are notices in chapel indicating where you may sit.

If you wish to meet the chaplain in person please contact him by email ( or by ‘phone (07595 003189) rather than by just dropping in. Only one person at a time, with a facemask, may meet him in his room on the ground floor of SC 10.