The Chapel

Come into Chapel Quad and the large building on your left is the Damon Wells Chapel – plain and classical in appearance on the outside, it is ornate and elaborate inside. It is unlocked in daylight hours – drop in and look.

Our Purpose

Most Oxford and Cambridge Colleges have chapels for divine service and as a focus for reflective spirituality at the heart of an academic community. Each day you will see people praying, sitting, practicing the organ and the piano. You are always welcome to come in, sit and be still, whatever your religious tradition.

The chapel was built (and ornately redecorated) as a place worship God, to embody the welcome of God to everyone in Jesus Christ, to support all who come, and honour all religious traditions and the inalienable dignity of every person.

We seek to encourage worship & spirituality, welcome & care, learning, nurture & formation; to be a focus for outreach & engagement by holding sacred space in the heart of College, next to the lawn in Chapel Quad.

Our Values

We seek to be a place

  • of cultural engagement
  • with liturgy and music performed aesthetically to the best of our ability
  • of unconditional understanding and inclusion
  • encouraging engagement and service in the world
  • of honest preaching and speaking
  • where we hold the world’s issues and pains in solidarity with our reflections and dignified prayer
  • where we try to model collaboration and co-operation
  • to focus welfare and pastoral support for some,
  • encouraging inter-faith understanding, empathy and commitment, and the service of those around us.

All are welcome to use the Chapel – for reflection, prayer or practicing music (there is a diary at the back of chapel for people to reserve slots for music). The Chapel is named after a benefactor who has made the life and ministry of the Chapel a central concern. The Chapel was restored in large part through his generosity and he, together with other benefactors, has been supportive of the musical advances we have enjoyed in recent years.

College Sunday Services

On Sundays, the main College service of the week takes place at 5.30pm. After this, all are invited to drinks in the Senior Common Room to meet and talk with the preacher, before the opportunity to eat together, usually with the preacher and the chaplain. Worship is as inclusive as possible– members of the Choir and speakers come from different faith traditions and none, people are welcome regardless of their faith perspectives. The style is open Anglican: there are two weekly celebrations of Holy Communion; a Catholic Mass once a term, an Armenian Orthodox Liturgy, and the Christian Union generally lead a service each term. A quiet service of Compline by candlelight is offered at 8.30pm. Please click here for Chapel Services during the week.

Organ, Choir and Music

There are regular concerts in the Chapel which has an impressive Létourneau organ, and a piano. There are two organ scholars at any time from this year – a senior and a junior [or assistant]. Interviews take place in September - for more information, please contact Nathan Barrow or Sophie Dunley. The Organ Scholars work closely with the Chaplain, the assistant Choral Director, and Choral Scholars to ensure that the choir is well-rehearsed. The Choir sings every Sunday in full-term and on other occasions in Chapel and in the wider college.

Counsel, Spirituality and the Chaplain

Anyone, from any constituency of the College, is welcome to see the Chaplain, Revd Dr Andrew Teal. He usually dedicates each Friday morning to pastoral matters – just drop into his room on the ground floor of staircase 10. Or, please phone (01865 286276 or 0759 500 3189), or email for an appointment, and click here to read more from the Chaplain on his approach to pastoral care.

Anyone, from any constituency of the College, is welcome to see the Chaplain, Revd Dr Andrew Teal - please phone (01865 286276 or 0759 500 3189) or email for an appointment, and click here to read more from the Chaplain on his approach to pastoral care.