Works by Alumni

Pembroke's Alumni have always had varied and interesting careers, as this selection of their books illustrates. Each link will take you to a page about the author, including links to personal websites where available. The library welcomes donations of books by Pembroke Alumni, although space restrictions sadly mean we may not always have room for large collections. 

If you would like to know more about visiting the library or seeing any of these books, please contact us on and we would be delighted to see you.

Works by current Pembroke Fellows can be found here


Thomas Godwyn, Fellow, 1624 (clergyman, teacher, writer)

Thomas Browne, Student, 1624 (doctor, author, polymath)

Samuel Johnson, Student, 1728 (lexicographer, essayist, poet)

George Whitefield, Student, 1732 (evangelist)

William Blackstone, Student, 1738 (judge, jurist, politican)

James Smithson, Student, 1782 (chemist, mineralogist, philanthropist)

Thomas Beddoes, Student, 1784 (physician, scientific writer)

John Lempriere, Student, 1785 (classical scholar, theologian, teacher)

Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Student, 1820 (poet, dramatist, physician)

R S Hawker, Student, 1823 (poet, clergyman)

Peter le Page Renouf, Student, 1840 (academic, Egyptologist, museum director)

George Birkbeck Hill, Student, 1855 (teacher, author, editor)

Athelstan Riley, Student, 1879 (hymn writer, translator)

R G Collingwood, Fellow, 1912 (philosopher, historian, archaeologist)

J William Fulbright, Student, 1925 (politician, philanthropist)

J R R Tolkien, Fellow, 1926 (author, academic)

Geoffrey Holmes, Student, 1945 (historian)

Michael Lewis, Student, c.1945 (author [pen name])

Godfrey Howard, Student, 1946 (author, linguist)

Charles Swithinbank, Student, 1946 (polar explorer)

Michael Bateman, Student, 1953 (food critic and writer)

Colin Morris, Fellow, 1953 (historian of the middle ages)

Peter Davis, Student, 1954 (documentary film maker)

Don Taylor, Student, 1955 (director, playwright)

Peter Grose, Student, 1957 (foreign correspondent)

Robert Jackson, Student, 1962 (academic, government advisor)

Andrew Lawson, Student, 1963 (photographer)

Paul Torday, Student, 1964 (businessman, novelist)

Oz Clarke, Student, 1967 (wine writer)

George Pickering, Master, 1968 (doctor, educator)

Roz Kaveney, Student, 1968 (writer, activist)

The Most Reverend Kallistos Ware, Fellow, 1970 (orthodox bishop)

John B Hattendorf, Student, 1973 (naval historian)

Katie Hickman, Student, 1979 (author, travel writer)

Andrea Geddes Poole, Student, 1980 (historian)

Ian Flitcroft, Student, 1982 (surgeon, novelist)

Patience Agbabi, Student, 1983 (poet)

Sir Roger Bannister, Master, 1985 (athlete, neurologist)

Michael Winship, Student, 1986 (bibliographer, historian)

Tim Richardson, Student, 1986 (writer, journalist)

Martha Klein, Fellow, 1987 (philosopher)

Damian Catani, 1991 (french literature academic)

Rayna Denison, 1994 (Japanese studies academic)

Thomas Bell, Student, 1997 (journalist)

Lizzie Stark, Student, 2001 (author, journalist, game designer)