Pembroke Community 2021

This is our online hub for information about College life during the ongoing pandemic.

The College is now operating under the restrictions of the latest government-imposed lockdown.  Students should not return to College until further notice, except for those who have received individual permission to do so from the Academic Office, or are research graduates who are unable to work from home or research graduates for whom the College is their primary residence.

Please see our Hilary Term FAQs page for detailed information about current arrangements for members of the community. 

For those students who are in College right now, having remained in residence over the vacation or returned early from abroad or with specific permission, we will continue to provide essential catering, cleaning of public spaces, security and access to the library in limited numbers for the time being. However, please note that our staff team is under pressure as some members now have to return to shielding or deal with home-schooling or other family pressures, so we are reviewing what we will be able to provide on-site during term time. We will have no capacity to expand the basic services that we are presently providing.

If any student who is currently in residence now decides to leave College to return home please let the Accommodation Office know so that we know who remains here and in need of support. 

For those who do return to College during lockdown, information on arrangements in College can be found here.

We will continue to keep you updated as the situation changes – all current students and staff should check email regularly.

Latest information from Oxford University for students and staff is available on their website.

For more information relating to College life during the ongoing pandemic, please see our Coronavirus hub.

page last updated Thursday 7th January 2021