Academics and Support Staff

Pembroke, along with the rest of Oxford University, faces challenges as we prepare for the new term.  In order to protect our community we have taken a number of important steps:

  • we now require face coverings to be worn inside College buildings in shared spaces
  • social distancing should be respected at all times on site
  • a large number of hand sanitiser stations have been installed for everyone's regular use

Please take a look at these web pages so that you can find out more about what we are expecting, and what we are communicating to our students and other groups associated with the College.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the staff teams concerned or speak to your line manager.

All students are being asked to sign up to an Oxford-wide Student Responsibility Agreement to affirm their commitment to respecting new guidelines which are being in put in place for the protection of everyone in the community, including staff as well as themselves.  At Pembroke, our student body are working closely with us as we prepare for term and we are grateful for their constructive support. 

If you are concerned about a situation which arises during term in relation to the use of face coverings or social distancing please talk to your line manager (or the Academic Office team for academic staff) in the first instance.  It may take us all a little time to get used to new arrangements, but we will remind students and colleagues of the need to continue to respect the guidelines as term goes on.

Coming (back) to College

For those who haven't been at work in College for some time, or those who will be joining us for the first time, there is an induction/return to work procedure in place to brief you on the details of our new safety processes.  Your line manager (or the Academic Office team, for academic staff) will be in touch to arrange to go through this with you before you access offices or teaching facilities.

Ways of working

Academics will have access to their office spaces but may need to book meeting spaces for teaching to make sure social distancing can be observed.  Teaching and learning will take priority for all space bookings and no other events will be held until at least week 4 of term to give time to adjust and measure demand.  Room capacities have been reviewed and furniture arranged in appropriate configurations for use - please don't move around.

The College will use a hybrid model of working for many support staff, with continued working from home as well as some time spent in offices.  Each team is making arrangements to best suit their area of operation, and line managers will discuss details with team members individually.  "Core" hours of 10am to 4pm for non-academic meetings will allow for staggered commuting and flexibility for those with caring responsibilities.

Please remember to call or email colleagues to arrange a time to see them, rather than just popping into offices unannounced - this is important to allow social distancing to be maintained and to ensure we can abide by track-and-trace requirements.

Meals and breaks

Lunch will be available to academics and staff this term, and there will be options for takeaway as space to eat together will be constrained by the need for social distancing.  Full details will be kept up to date on the intranet.

Broadgates Hall has reopened as a common room space for use by academic staff, but we ask that you respect the maximum capacity as marked at the entrance.  The kitchenette is available for self-service refreshments - please bring your own Keep Cup if possible, although take-away cups will be provided in case needed.

Plans are being put in place to provide a limited number of High Table dining opportunities for SCR members this term (note that our ability to include guests will be limited), and more information will be available from the SCR Butler in due course.

Farthings cafe will operate as a takeaway coffee shop this term during the day, with takeaway meal options available here in the evenings.

The staff room in Old Quad will be available to support staff for use of the kitchenette facilities, but will not be in use as a gathering point for breaks.

Use of Space

During the first half of term all meeting spaces will be reserved for academic use.  Tutorials and small classes which used to take place in Fellows' offices may now have to book meeting space in order to meet social distancing requirements, and academic needs must take precedence.  It will take a few weeks to get a full picture of the increased demand for teaching space, so it will not be possible to book spaces for other purposes until these needs have been assessed and met.  The situation will be reviewed as soon as possible.


An enhanced cleaning regime has been devised and implemented across the College. Shared spaces will be spray cleaned once a week with an anti-microbial that lasts on surfaces for up to 10 days. In addition to this, all internal spaces and high touch point surfaces will be cleaned according to their usage (eg offices daily, meeting rooms & toilets several times a day). Each space in College has been assessed for cleaning needs, and hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes will be provided for additional cleaning by individuals as required. If you have any questions regarding cleaning, please contact