Sexual Violence

Rape, assault, harassment and other forms of sexual violence can happen to anyone. It is never the survivor’s fault.



If you have experienced sexual violence you may wish to consider any or all of the options below, but how you proceed is entirely your decision:

  • You can call the police and report the incident, where evidence will be collected. Information about preserving evidence can be found here:

  • You can go to a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) where you can receive medical and forensic help without getting the police involved.

  • You can receive medical attention from A&E, your GP or the College Nurse, Sarah Dragonetti (opening times on this page).

  • You can receive emotional support from our Sexual Assault First Responders, our Peer Supporters, our JCR Welfare Reps (Joseph Morton and Imogen Hobby), MCR Reps (Elisabeth Smith Rosser, Joshua Harvey and Samira Lindstedt), the Junior Deans (Julie Dequaire and James Charlesworth) or the College Chaplain (Andrew Teal). See Welfare People for contact details.

  • You can also receive emotional support from the OUSU Counselling Service.



  • First Responders can talk you through the options above and can be a companion through any of the paths you wish to take, whether that is coming with you to the police, to a SARC or to A&E.

  • They can listen to anything you need to say, whether the incident happened recently or a while ago - you are not expected to ‘get over’ anything and your feelings are entirely valid, no matter how long ago you experienced violence.

  • Our First Responders are: Romy Catmull, Immie Hobby, Emm Huxley, Joe Morton, Florence Butterfield, Kate Partridge, Alice Mingay, Jess Ellins, Molly Garnett, Mike Fuller, Ronni Blackford.



  • Our JCR Peer Supporters are: Alice Mingay, Jess Ellins, Immie Hobby, Joe Morton, Ste Szczepanek.

  • Our MCR Peer Supporters are: Dyedra Just, Anna-Katharina Hauperich, Malte Kaller and Guy Niblett.

  • You can read more about Peer Support here.