Welfare People

Junior Deans

The Junior Deans are a good first point of contact for welfare issues and at least one of them is always on call, 24 hours a day. They are graduate students and they act as welfare support, first aiders and fire wardens.

James Charlesworth (based on the Pembroke Main Site): 

james.charlesworth@pmb.ox.ac.uk 07990 805286

Julie Dequaire (based at the GAB): 

julie.dequaire@pmb.ox.ac.uk 07730 096917

College Nurse

The Nurse is available in College on a part-time basis during Weeks 0 to 9 of each term and is located in the Arnold Room, behind the Pichette Auditorium. She can help you manage health problems and illnesses and is able to refer you elsewhere when necessary. She can give advice on injuries and care for wounds, apply dressings, remove stitches, give advice on contraception and the emergency pill, and help with advice for emotional and psychological problems. 

Day Opening Times
Monday 1.15pm - 3.15pm
Tuesday 8.45am - 10.45am
Wednesday 8.45am - 10.45am
Thursday 3.45pm - 5.45pm

Sarah Dragonetti: nurse@pmb.ox.ac.uk, Phone: 01865 610955

Peer Supporters

There are peer supporters within both the JCR and MCR, but you can contact either should you wish to speak with them. They are trained to help with welfare concerns and work to strict confidentiality rules. Find out more about the Peer Support programme and how to get in touch.

JCR and MCR welfare support

Welfare representatives are elected by the common rooms to support their peers in welfare concerns and to promote these within the college. You should contact welfare reps to discuss your concerns and for advice on where you can turn. They have access to a range of free resources which students can take advantage of such as condoms, tampons, pregnancy tests and rape alarms as well as reimbursing you for the morning after pill and other prescriptions you may have filled on the NHS or privately - all of which will be dealt with confidentially.

JCR (2016-17): imogen.hobby@pmb.ox.ac.uk and joseph.morton@pmb.ox.ac.uk

MCR: malte.kaller@pmb.ox.ac.uk

Welfare Advisers

The Governing Body has appointed two Fellows to act as Welfare Advisers to students. If you experience a problem which you feel you would prefer not to discuss with a Tutor or College Officer, the Welfare Advisers are ready to advise and help in any such case, on an entirely confidential basis. Such a problem might be of either an academic or a personal nature but for medical questions the College Nurse (01865 610955) or College Doctor (01865 240501) should be consulted.

The Welfare Advisers for 2016-2017 will be:

Professor Hannah Smithson, will be available in her room, staircase 6, on Mondays between 2pm and 3pm. Alternatively, if you wish to make an appointment for another time, please email: hannah.smithson@pmb.ox.ac.uk

Dr. Eamonn Molloy, for an appointment, please email:  eamonn.molloy@pmb.ox.ac.uk

College Chaplain

Andrew Teal: andrew.teal@pmb.ox.ac.uk

The College Chaplain is available to discuss matters of welfare or academic life with people of all faiths and none. “Many of the meetings are occasional, prompted by a meeting in the Quad or Farthings, and may be prompted by a desire to reflect upon a particular issue or crisis. People are welcome to grab the moment and just let something out or share it. These meetings are predominantly problem-centred, though there has to be a foundation of trust. I try to make it clear that I won’t refer to it again outside of that meeting, but of course the person seeing me is welcome to do so in the future if and when they need to. In practice the vast majority of meetings are not about faith or religion, though when they are, the point is the same as below: not to offer a pre-packaged solution, but to be present and accompany someone as they explore things with their own integrity." Andrew Teal

Academic Office

The Academic Office can help with any questions relating to your course or scholarly life at Pembroke. They are also the office with responsibility for disability-related matters and special exam arrangements.

Dean and Deputy Dean 

Clive Siviour (clive.siviour@eng.ox.ac.uk) is a Tutorial Fellow in Engineering and Rebecca Williams (rebecca.williams@law.ox.ac.uk) is a Tutorial Fellow in Law. Their focus is in part on maintaining College discipline, but they do this with the aim of fostering a supportive environment and maintaining an inclusive and friendly College community, so that everyone can get the most out of their academic work as well as their free time. They approach all questions, including those of College discipline, from what is very much a welfare perspective, and they are always happy to hear from students who have any concerns.

College Porters - 01865 276444

The porters are responsible for security, fire response, keys, post, switchboard, visitor reception and deliveries. If you need help in any respect, at any time of day or night, you can call or visit the porters. This could be trouble with neighbours, first aid or very urgent maintenance problems. For routine maintenance you should send an online request via the intranet.

Home Bursar

Mike Naworynsky: mike.naworynsky@pmb.ox.ac.uk

You can contact Mike if you have medical or other requirements which may require adjustments to the College environment or normal routines, for example, the need for a room which accommodates a physical disability or changing how, when or where your meals are taken.