What if I'm Not in Oxford?

Students who are on their year abroad, or who have had to suspend their course (for any reason) are encouraged to reach out if they experience difficulties while away from Oxford.





  • Year abroad and suspended status students are eligible to use the University Counselling Service, which you can self-refer to. The Counselling Service offers phone, Skype and face-to-face counselling sessions as you require.

  • Students who use the counselling service but will be going on a year abroad or suspending their course are advised to contact the counselling services before these events so that a plan can be put in place to support them best in that period. The service also offers self-support resources, including podcasts, fora huge variety of issues here.



  • If you experience difficulties while abroad, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office provides information for British Nationals on the Gov.uk website.

  • This includes information on how to stay safe abroad, what to do in an emergency, how to access medical care and much more.



  • If you are concerned about your academic work or progress during your year abroad or year of suspension, you are welcome to contact the Pembroke Academic Office or Nancy Braithwaite, the Academic Director.



  • If you have a disability, chronic illness or mental health problem and would like support on your return to Oxford, you are welcome to register with the Disability Advisory Service.

  • We advise you to register as soon as possible, before your return to College, so that provisions can be made in time for your arrival.

  • Find out more about support for disabled students at Pembroke here.