Academic Support & Exam Stress



  • In a fast-paced environment like Oxford, any academic issue can become a source of stress, which is why Pembroke has a huge number of people willing to help and support you in any way we can.

  • Academic issues don’t have to be big – they cover everything from needing a book the library doesn’t stock, problems with a tutor, unmarked collections, or struggles with the workload. If anything is affecting your work, don’t hesitate to reach out for support.



  • If your problem is specific to your degree, your subject rep will be a good point of contact. They are likely to have had experience with the same tutors, lecturers and the workload – they will know what you’re going through and can offer subject specific advice and support.

  • If you’re not sure who your subject rep is, check the ‘Academic’ section of the JCR website if you are an undergraduate, or contact your course administrator for Masters courses.

  • For those doing DPhils, clearly your degree is very specific to you, however the requirements of the course are not. You should be able to speak with departmental administrators about the requirements and timelines you need to keep to, and your supervisor(s) should be able to support your project goals and keep you on track.



  • If a personal or medical issue is affecting your academic work, you are asked make sure that someone is aware as soon as possible so this can be taken into account, regardless of how much it’s affecting you right now.

  • You can approach your college tutor or the Academic Office to discuss it in confidence, and you may qualify for examination or tutorial support, or further help from the University. Your tutor can take your issues into account when setting work, arranging tutorials or offer specific advice. The academic office will need to ensure you have the right support for your degree.



  • If you’re unsure who to go to, or what it is that you need, don’t hesitate to go to the JCR or MCR Academic Rep – they are here to help you with absolutely any academic concern you have. Your academic rep also organises academic feedback sessions once every term, so this can be a good opportunity to anonymously feedback on any wider problems related to your tutors and faculty. If you’re not sure who your academic rep is, please refer to the JCR or MCR web pages:

  • If you still have concerns after speaking to an academic rep, it is easy to arrange a chat with our Academic Director, who is very willing to help. Email: