Undergraduate Student Stories

KAT HOWARTH (Law, graduated 2016)

Recent Pembroke graduate, Kat, reflects on her time here, the high results she achieved and her plans for the future.


I studied Jurisprudence (Law) and have just graduated with First Class Honours. I achieved a first class mark in six out of my nine FHS modules, including a mark of 71 in both Administrative Law and Medical Law and Ethics.

I put my success down to three things; long term preparation over the whole of my degree course in the form of in-depth preparation for collections, starting my revision early (during Hilary Term) to ensure I would have enough time to prepare, and also the continuous and fantastic support of my tutor, Professor Rebecca Williams.


The best thing about the law course was the quality of the tutors. Many are experts in, or even the top of, their field, and it shows in the quality of their teaching. There's nothing like going to Paul Craig's Constitutional Law lecture and realising he's the man who has literally written the textbook.


The Pembroke Access Scheme had recently started in my area, the North West, when I was applying for University, and Pembroke's great outreach work had impressed me. 

Some of the best things about Pembroke are: the supportive nature of the JCR (undergraduate body), the friendly atmosphere, and of course, Farthings (the café). 

My Pembroke tutor was one of the standout features of my degree— her support and advice and commitment to us as students, as well as her enthusiasm for her subject, was above and beyond what we could have expected. 


Get involved - don't overload yourself with activities, but make sure you do something besides work, or things can get very intense very fast. Make sure you have a way to relax.

Throw yourself into the work - it's what you're here for! Don't be afraid to try new ideas or ways of doing things even if they don't work out, as everything is a learning process.

Don't worry too much over one bad grade, as you can turn it around the next week. However, if you're trying your best and things still aren't going well, don't be afraid to talk to your tutor about it - normally it's something they can help with!


I am currently back at Pembroke working as a Research Assistant and in January I move to London to start a Training Contract with a global law firm.