Undergraduate Student Stories

ALEX TSAPTSINOS (Mathematics, graduated 2016)

We caught up with recent Pembroke graduate, Alex, to hear more about his time here, his high achievements in examinations and his plans for the future.


I achieved a First Class Honours in my MMath Mathematics course. Notable scores were 94 in both Stochastic Models in Mathematical Genetics and Combinatorics, and a 91 in Stochastic Analysis and PDEs.

I think my success was down to a lot of hard work and hours that I put in at the library, working hard to ensure I knew all definitions and proofs, and how to understand and use the maths we were taught.


I always enjoyed the dissertations and projects that I took part in as they allowed more freedom and gave you more of a taste of proper academia.

My tutors went above what was necessary and really made you engage in tutorials so you could fully comprehend the material. The rest of the maths team were brilliant also, and they do a fantastic job in cultivating a good atmosphere and friendship.


The fellow students at Pembroke always create a good atmosphere, friendly and welcoming. The porters are equally friendly and helpful. The JCR is an active one, which means that it is possible for a lot of students to take part in or even create events they might desire.

I played a lot of football while in Oxford and it was by the end pretty much my only hobby. I think you can easily balance your commitments, and it is easy for something like football that has set times. 


My tips for maths students would be to make the most of the tutorials. Ensure you ask lots of questions and don't be scared to look stupid, you will learn a lot through engagement.


My time at Pembroke was great. I have met a lot of people I'm sure I will call my friends for a long time and I definitely chose the right course for me. By the end I knew that pure mathematics wasn't what I wanted to stay in, but I have enjoyed the rigour of it for these four years.

I am beginning a 2 year Master’s course at Stanford in Data Science.