Fred Macmillan - Alumni Profile (BA Theology, 2009)

Pembroke alumnus Fred Macmillan, who studied a BA in Theology beginning in 2009, tells us about his career post-university.

'After leaving Oxford with a 2:1 in theology, I studied law to pursue a career as a barrister.

Theology is a very useful subject for law. Research, crafting arguments and persuading with language are essential for becoming a lawyer. Defending (or trying to!) an essay in a tutorial is a very helpful exercise if you want to be a barrister.

I have since made a career change and am applying to train as a psychotherapist. I am currently volunteering as a befriender and beginning a foundation course in the autumn, with the aim of beginning the four-year masters after that.

I was male Welfare Rep at Pembroke so I guess the career I wanted was right in front of me all along! Being Welfare Rep gave me the confidence to believe that I was approachable, personable and trustworthy.

Opportunities like this are invaluable experience to you in later life, be it for a career or even just on a personal level.'