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Thomas Beddoes

PemBook: The atmosphere of heaven: the unnatural experiements of Dr Beddoes and his sons of genius by Mike Jay

Student, 1784-1786

Thomas Beddoes (1760–1808) was an English physician and scientific writer. He was born in Shifnal, Shropshire. He was a reforming practitioner and teacher of medicine, and an associate of leading scientific figures. He worked to treat tuberculosis and in anaesthetics, establishing the Pneumatic Institution for Inhalation Gas Therapy in Clifton near Bristol in 1798. The poet Thomas Lovell Beddoes was his son.

More about Thomas Beddoes at the Royal Society website

Other Works:

A lecture introductory to a course of popular instruction on the constitution and management of the human body (1797)

Memoirs of the life of Thomas Beddoes, M.D. : with an analytical account of his writings by John Edmonds Stock (1811)


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