George Whitefield

PemBook: George Whitefield : a definitive biography by E.A. Johnston

Student, 1732-1736

George Whitefield was an English Anglican cleric who helped spread the Great Awakening in Britain and especially in the American colonies.While in Oxford, he met the Wesley brothers. He was one of the founders of Methodism and of the evangelical movement generally. In 1740, Whitefield traveled to America, where he preached a series of revivals that came to be known as the "Great Awakening." He became perhaps the best-known preacher in Great Britain and North America during the 18th century. Because he traveled throughout the American colonies and drew thousands of people with his sermons, he was one of the most widely recognized public figures in colonial America.

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Other Works:

 Fifteen sermons preached on various important subjects. To which is prefixed a sermon, on the character, preaching, &c. of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield. (1795)

George Whitefield : America's spiritual founding father by Thomas Kidd (2014)


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