Sir William Blackstone

PemBook: Blackstone and his Commentaries: biography, law, history edited by Wilfrid Prest

Student, 1738-1743

William Blackstone was a judge, jurist and politician, whose work Commentaries on the Laws of England remains an influential treatise both in the UK and the US. He became a Fellow of All Souls, Oxford in 1743 and was called to the Bar in 1746. In 1753, he gave up his legal practice, turning instead to lecturing and delivering the first series of lectures on English law. He was the first Vinerian Professor of English Law, as well as returning to the Bar and being elected as an MP. In 1766, he published the first volume of the Commentaries.

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Other Works:

Re-interpreting Blackstone's Commentaries : a seminal text in national and international contexts by Wilfrid Prest (2014)

Commentaries on the Laws of England [at Project Gutenberg]


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