Technology at Work: The Future is Not What it Used to Be – Citigroup Publishes Report by Dr Craig Holmes

17th February 2016

Dr Craig Holmes, Teaching Fellow in Economics at Pembroke, has co-authored a new report for Citigroup on the topic of technology and employment.

Published on 26th January 2016, the report is the third in a series produced by Citi in conjunction with the Oxford Martin School, a centre for cross-disciplinary research tackling global issues through scientific and intellectual innovation and policy recommendations.

Dr Holmes is a Senior Research Fellow on the Employment, Equity and Growth programme (EEG), based in the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School. The EEG Programme focuses on economic theories and policies influencing matters of institutional change, inclusivity and sustainability.

In the report, Dr Holmes, Dr Carl Benedikt Frey and Professor Michael Osborne present their theories on ‘the changing nature of innovation and work and the associated implications for the future of employment and society more widely’. Following on from Dr Frey and Prof. Osborne’s projection that 47% of US jobs are at risk due to automation, Dr Holmes considers the role of the education system taking into account technological advances and their effect on the labour market.

A PDF of the report is available online here.

Dr Holmes’ research interests include labour economics, social mobility, earnings inequality and experimental economics, and he teaches modules such as Microeconomics, Quantitative Economics and Public Economics to students at Pembroke.

Dr Craig Holmes