Space Event Launches PIVT

26th February 2015

Monday 23rd February witnessed the lift-off of the Pembroke Innovative Ventures and Technologies (PIVT) society.

The launch event of Oxford's newest exciting society, titled “Space: A New Entrepreneurial Frontier?”, was held at Pembroke’s Pichette Auditorium, and consisted of a series of short talks, followed by Q&A with experts from the space industry.

Akeel Malik, a second year Pembroke E&M student, opened the hotly anticipated launch with a rousing introduction on the importance of pursuing those childhood dreams that once excited us. The unexplored depths of space was portrayed as symbolic of the potential for human exploration across a range of areas, from artificial intelligence to biotechnology, that might be the focus of future PIVT events.

He was followed by Chad Anderson, the Managing Director of the Space Angels Network, who discussed the latest trends being witnessed in firms that he is investing in.

Sam Adlen, who works at the Satellite Applications Catapult, discussed the vast and accessible opportunities for students of all backgrounds in the country’s fastest growing industry sector. This was an idea supported by Alan Brunstrom from the ESA, who outlined how much concrete support the UK government is giving.

Dr Jill Stuart from the LSE then brought a policy perspective to the debate, and suggested that many of these developments are not recent but have been happening for a long time.

The Q&A session provided a great opportunity for students and professors to grill the speakers about the reality of working in the industry, and then moved on to wider philosophical issues, such as how to actually define space.

Afterwards many of the audience of over one hundred stayed for drinks and nibbles, making the most of Pembroke hosting such big names in the industry.

PIVT looks set to become a major fixture of Oxford life, combining learning about fascinating technologies with an entrepreneurial edge, whilst not neglecting the wider philosophical debates.

Stay tuned for their next events coming up in Trinity Term when the focus will be on the significance of Artificial Intelligence.

Dr Eamonn Molloy chairs panel at PIVT launch
Dr Eamonn Molloy chairs panel at PIVT launch