Pembroke Women’s First Crew Achieve Head of the River in Summer Eights 2018

1st June 2018

5th week of Trinity term saw the annual Summer Eights regatta take place in Oxford. Crews from colleges took part in the bumps-style event with Pembroke College Boat Club (PCBC) turning out in great numbers to support our competing men’s and women’s’ boats. Pembroke had the most boats on the river of all the colleges, with 8 crews taking part.

Congratulations to Pembroke’s Women’s First (W1) crew for attaining Summer VIIIs 2018 Headship, topping Wadham’s W1, who held Head of the River in 2017.

The W1 gave a consistent and determined performance, which was a testament to the strength of the women’s squad as a whole this year. The hard work they have put in through training paid off as they proved their speed and dominance on the river.  

The crew consisted of:
Cox - Immy Brown
Stroke - Kate Erickson 
7 - Lena Depner 
6 - Molly Hall
5 - Imo Cowley 
4 - Alys Howells 
3 - Isabelle Rocroi
2 - Lizzie Madden
Bow - Deborah Cotton

This was a remarkable performance as six out of the nine members learned to row at Pembroke, and three of them started this year.

After this year’s success, the PCBC are feeling excited about the future for the club, they commented on their Instagram account ‘Here’s to the next year of fast rowing. What a time to be part of Pembroke rowing!’

Congratulations also to Pembroke’s Men’s First (M1) for their hard efforts, which led them to achieve fourth position on Saturday’s final races, and to all the Pembroke crews that competed.

PCBC is one of the most successful boat clubs in Oxford. Find and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up to date with their latest news.