Pembroke Breaks Records on the River in 2016 Rowing ‘Torpids’ Victory

29th February 2016

Pembroke College Boat Club is celebrating this week after a highly successful week at Torpids, one of two series of intercollegiate ‘bumping races’ held annually at Oxford University.

Pembroke’s first men’s boat, M1, rowed over (didn’t get bumped) and retained their position as Torpids headship, the number one ranked boat on the river. Our second men’s boat, M2, bumped five first crews in four days, securing a fixed spot in men’s Division One.

2016 is the first year that the Pembroke College Boat Club (PCBC) has had two boats in Division One and is only the second time that a crew has achieved this in Torpids, after Oriel managed the same 35 years ago.

The women’s teams also performed well, with W1 finishing 3rd overall, the highest position that Pembroke’s Women’s Squad has ever placed in Torpids, with a bump, an overbump and two row overs.

W2 fought off some strong competition and managed a bump despite moving down three places, while W3 had a challenging first day before bumping quickly on the final three days.

Carl Gergs, captain of the men’s squad and 2nd year PPE student, commented: ‘What we have managed to achieve this year is historic.  I can’t emphasise enough how much I have to congratulate everyone involved. All our hard work has paid off!

PCBC is at the heart of the College, with active and enthusiastic participation year on year, and our students’ achievements will no doubt continue to foster a hard-working and ambitious sporting culture at Pembroke.

Photo: Daniel Kim