DPhil student, Cristiana De Filippis, recently awarded £5,000 as a part of the G Research Oxford DPhil Prize

6th June 2019

Congratulations to 3rd year DPhil student, Cristiana De Filippis who was recently awarded £5,000 as a part of the G Research Oxford DPhil Prize, for her research into Partial Differential Equations.

The G-Research DPhil Prize is open to students from all technical disciplines in their penultimate or final PhD years working in Quantitative Finance, Mathematics, Computational Finance, Statistics, Physics, Engineering or Machine Learning. The prize offers various scholarships and financial awards, that continue to fund graduate student’s important research.

Crisitana was awarded with one of the awards from G Research Oxford, for her presentation on her two recent papers, Partial regularity for manifold constrained p(x)-harmonic maps, in 'Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations' and Hölder regularity for nonlocal double phase equations, in the 'Journal of Differential Equations', in collaboration with Giampiero Palatucci from the University of Parma. Both papers explore the regularity features of solutions to certain differential equations and sharp estimates are provided.

Crisitiana commented:

‘I believe these kind of honours are very encouraging for young researchers, being not only a sign of appreciation for their work but also an excellent opportunity for funding travels or academic visits.’

Cristiana would like to continue her academic research into a postdoctoral position. 

Cristiana De Filippis
Cristiana De Filippis