Access Week

The Pem-Brooke London and Pembroke North academic year programme culminates in a residential week held at Pembroke College where all participants come together to experience a taste of Oxford student life.

This special week of studying and living at Pembroke is hosted by undergraduates who act as mentors and advisers.

At the beginning of the week an essay is set during an initial tutorial with a Pembroke postgraduate student and throughout pupils study in Oxford University libraries and develop their arguments on the topic in question. At the end of the week they have a one-to-one follow-up tutorial where they defend their essay and discuss the subject in more detail.

Each year there are prizes for those who perform most strongly in the tutorials, also taking into account their progress and contribution throughout the year.

This week in Oxford also sees pupils attend specially organised lectures and group study sessions. They have meals together in College just as undergraduates normally do, as well as living in student accommodation, and social activities are organised for the evenings.