What type of student am I?

Not all of the information on the fresher's website is relevant for you, but everything is clearly labelled for undergraduate, graduate and visiting students.  Have a look at the definitions below, which should help you confirm which category applies to you. If you are uncertain, please contact the Academic Office.

  • Undergraduate students are those of three-year Bachelors’ courses (or four-year integrated Masters’ courses), with titles such as BA, MEng, MChem. 

  • Graduate students are those on one or two-year Masters’ courses, or three to four-year DPhil (doctoral/PhD) courses, with titles such as MSc, MSt, MJur, MPhil, BCL, MBA, DPhil, Diploma in Legal Studies.

  • Visiting Students are those on a one-year course.  You will be from one of our partner universities in China, Hong Kong or the USA, or an Erasmus student from Siena.