Welcome Freshers!

Welcome to our freshers' website!  Regardless of whether or not your admissions offer is conditional or confirmed, this website contains important information for you to read and actions that you need to complete now.

How to use this website:

  • Some information is for all students, and some is clearly indicated for undergraduates, graduates and visiting students.  Ensure you know which type of student you are!  Details of the different types of students are in this guide.

  • Once you have read everything that applies to you, please complete the freshers’ form under the To do list section by 24 August 2018 to give us information about you, your arrival in Oxford and your needs when you’re here.  There are also other actions listed for different types of students, so make sure you complete everything.

  • Please be aware that all sessions timetabled during freshers’ week are subject to change. More information and updates will be added over the next few weeks, so check back regularly.

  • Please keep a copy of key documents for future reference. 

  • If you have any queries which are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.