Undergraduate Scholarships



For undergraduates - based on First Public Examinations

  • Scholarships worth £300 annually are automatically awarded to undergraduates achieving a 1st or distinction in their First Public Examinations.

  • The scholarship is awarded for the following academic year only.

  • In subsequent years scholarships will be awarded to undergraduates performing at 1st class level on the basis of their achievement in Part 1 Examinations, or on the recommendation of their tutor.



For undergraduates -  based on First Public Examinations

  • Exhibitions worth £150 are awarded to those who achieve the equivalent of 1st Class marks in some but not all papers, i.e. narrowly missing a 1st or Distinction in First Public Examination. The exhibition is awarded for the following academic year only.

  • In subsequent years exhibitions may be awarded to undergraduates performing near to 1st class level on the basis of their achievement in Part 1 Examinations, or on the recommendation of their tutor.

  • Election to an Exhibition requires a recommendation from the subject tutor. Exhibitioners are entitled to wear a Scholar's gown and are invited to the annual Scholars' Dinner.

Scholarships and exhibitions will normally be awarded in Michaelmas Term but may exceptionally be awarded at any time in the academic year.



For undergraduate scholars and exhibitioners

  • From the academic year 2016-2017, those who hold an academic scholarship or exhibition (see above) will also benefit from a living-in accommodation grant scheme.

  • Those holding scholarships in 2016-17 will receive a credit of £1,000 on their battels (College fees) account to reduce their College rent costs for the year, and exhibitioners will receive £500 in the same way. 

  • The funds for this scheme have been generously donated to the College by an alumnus who wanted to increase the rewards available for high performing undergraduates. This scheme will be in place for at least three years.



For undergraduates only 

  • Pembroke College aims to have two Organ Scholars in residence at all times. Auditions for 2017 entry will be held in September 2016, while auditions to for 2018 entry will be held in September 2017.

  • Although Organ Scholars normally study Music, candidates wishing to read other subjects may be considered. 

  • Contact admissions@pmb.ox.ac.uk in advance to check your eligibility or for details of the Organ Scholars' responsibilities.



For undergraduates only

  • Pembroke sets aside an annual sum to be used as choral awards or bursaries.

  • These awards are made by the Academic Director on the recommendation of the Senior Organ Scholar and the Chaplain, in consultation with the Tutors in Music and Singing.



For undergraduates and gradutes 

  • The College has created two Vocal Scholarships awarded each year to qualified students studying any subject (not just Music), whether graduate or undergraduate.

  • Vocal Scholars are entitled to 18 free lessons from Nicola Harrison, Tutor in Singing and Interpretation. The lessons entail full voice training with a strong bias for interpretation and performance.

  • These scholarships were created to attract singers to Pembroke. They differ from choral scholarships in that they do not entail any attachment to choral duties and are entirely for voice training.



Undergraduates - for excellence in academic & sporting activities

  • The Sir Roger Bannister Scholarship is an annual award worth £900

  • The scholarship is available to an undergraduate in any subject who, in the opinion of the Senior Tutor, has shown excellent all round performance in both academic and sporting activities.

  • The Scholarship will normally be awarded at the end of a student’s second year of study.

  • The same student may not be awarded both the Sir Roger Bannister Scholarship and the Bannister Medical Scholarship during his/her course of study.

  • Information about making an application is available here. Application deadline 3rd March 2017.

For further information about any of the above scholarships, please contact academic.office@pmb.ox.ac.uk