Academic Awards & Prizes

Pembroke offers a number of academic awards and prizes. The below information is arranged alphabetically by subject. For further details, please contact

Please note details below are subject to change.



Collection Prizes

  • Collection Prizes (£50 cheque each) are awarded on Tutors' recommendations. 

  • Undergraduate students who perform at First Class level in their termly collections (start of term exams) are eligible



Brian Wilson Scholarships

  • These scholarships, one in Chinese and one in Arabic, are worth £1,500 each per annum and are awarded to final year undergraduates on tutors’ recommendation.

  • The undergraduates must demonstrate outstanding performance in their course taken as a whole and have good standing within the College.

  • If there is no suitably qualified candidate in one of the two courses mentioned above, the scholarship for that course may be transferred to the other course.

  • These scholarships are advertised and awarded in Trinity Term.



Hedges Prize

  • The Hedges Prize was founded in memory of John Hedges of Westcliffe-on-Sea an, Engineering Science undergraduate of the College.

  • It is awarded on the Tutors’ recommendation to the Engineering Science undergraduate judged to have contributed most to the corporate life of the College.

  • The current value is a £25 cheque, and is awarded in Michaelmas Term.


The Paul Martins BP Prize

  • This scholarship will be awarded on the Tutors’ recommendation to an Engineering student achieving the best result in Part I Engineering Finals.

  • The scholarship will be paid in equal installments of £500 at the beginning of each term, subject to satisfactory performance.



L. T. Levick Prizes

  • Two prizes of £50 each are awarded in Michaelmas Term on tutors' recommendation

  • The prizes recognise good performance in Final Honour School examinations in Philosophy and Philology



Arthur Felix Broomfield Prize in History

  • The Arthur Felix Broomfield prize is for 2nd year undergraduates reading History (including joint schools)

  • The prize is to contribute towards travel to be taken outside the British Isles

  • The total fund available is £500 - typically, one award is made each year



1954 Alumni Book Group Grants

  • All students of Humanities and Social Science courses at Pembroke will be eligible for our Book Grant Scheme to help with the cost of buying essential texts.

  • While the College ensures a good stock of books for all subjects in our library, we realise that it is important for students to have their own copies of core texts.

  • From 2016, each student of qualifying courses will receive £100 in their first year, and another £100 in their final year, to help with the costs of essential textbooks.

  • These book grants will be available to students of: Arabic, Persian & Turkish, Chinese, Economics & Management, English & joint courses, History & joint courses, Japanese, Law, Modern Languages & joint courses, Music, Philosophy joint courses, PPE, Theology & joint courses

  • The 1954 Group of Pembroke Alumni are a generous group of donors who have for many years sought to improve the financial lot of Pembroke undergraduates and the student experience.




  • The TEPCO Prize of around a £100 cheque per annum is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation to the to undergraduate who achieved the most distinguished performance in First Public Examination.



Crystal Prize

  • The Crystal Prize, worth £150, is awarded for the best performance in Honour Moderations and is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in Hilary Term.

Farthing Prize

  • The Farthing Prize, worth £100, is awarded for the best performance in Constitutional Law in Honour Moderations and is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in Hilary Term.

Monk Prize

  • The Monk Prize, worth £100, is awarded for the best performance in Criminal Law in Honour Moderations and is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in Hilary Term.



Cleoburey Prize

  • This book prize, worth £100, is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in Michaelmas Term for the best First Class performance in Final Honours School examinations.



Bannister Medical Scholarship

  • The Bannister Medical Scholarship, worth approximately £500, is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in recognition of the Mastership of Sir Roger Bannister

  • The scholarship is given to an undergraduate student who gave the most distinguished performance in Final Honours School examinations.


Blackett Memorial Scholarship

  • The Blackett Memorial Scholarship is worth approximatelly £400 and is awardedon Tutors’ recommendation to a student embarking on the first year of their clinical training.

  • Tutors consider the academic performance, character and general achievements of candidates throughout the academic career and in Final Honour School examinations.



Ayres-Evans Prize

  • This prize, worth around £250, was established  to commemorate Miss K.A. Ayres and is open to undergraduates reading Medicine or Physiological Sciences.

  • Candidates submit an essay of up to 3,000 words on a choice of topics decided by the Tutors in medicine. Essays are submitted under a pseudonym.

  • The Ayres-Evans Prize is advertised in Michaelmas Term and awarded in Hilary.



Currie Prize

  • The Currie Prize is worth approximately £300 and is awarded on tutors’ recommendation to the student giving the best performance in First Public Examination.


Katie Prescott Scholarship

  • This scholarship, worth £300, is awarded on tutors’ recommendation to an undergraduate student in Modern Languages who achieves a Distinction in First Public Examination.


Christopher Pratt Prize (Spanish)

  • This Christopher Pratt Prize, worth approximately £200 per annum, is awarded on tutors’ recommendation to an undergraduate student reading Spanish who performs at the highest level.



Rokos Awards (for science research internships)

  • Pembroke’s undergraduates studying STEM subjects are eligible to apply for the Rokos Awards, intended to support students looking to enhance their studies and scientific knowledge.

  • This opportunity is open to all non-finalist undergraduates studying Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Experimental Psychology, PPL, Mathematics, Physics, or Pre-clinical medicine.

  • Scholars and exhibitioners are encouraged to apply, while other students may apply with the support of their tutors.

  • The Rokos Awards meet the full cost of students undertaking academic summer internships in Oxford, including free accommodation in Pembroke (subject to availability, Aug-Sept only). Up to £1000 for academic expenses and £800 for personal expenses is available.

  • For more information about eligibility and how to apply click here.

  • Deadline for applications is 19th May 2017




Ronald Bartlett Prize

  • A £50 prize is awarded on tutors' recommendation on performance in First Public Examination at the beginning of Michaelmas Term.

  • It is preferred that the award is made to a medical student educated at a state school for the last four years of their secondary education who has both need and merit.

  • However, if there is no such suitable candidate then the prize could be awarded to a student in Engineering, Maths or Physical/Biological Sciences from a state school, with a preference for someone who has lived in the West of England for the previous four years.