Rokos Award Research Internships 2016 - Student Reports

Pembroke undergraduates studying STEM subjects are eligible to apply for the Rokos Awards, intended to support students looking to enhance their studies and scientific knowledge through research internships. Find out more information  about Rokos Internships on this page.

Browse our 2016 Rokos Awardee Reports below


Images: from Rokos Internship 2016 student reports


SAM HOLT - Engineering Science, 4th year

Internship: Machine Learning Research Group, University of Oxford

Quiet Quadcopter Propellers and Financial Market Prediction using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks


DOMINIC MCLOUGHLIN - Physics, 4th year

Internship: Global Jet Watch project (20th June - 27th August)

Global Jet Watch


HOPE OLOYE - Biomedical Sciences, 2nd year

Internship: OcuLab, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience (4th-15th July 2016)

Smart Glasses: OcuLab


WILL PEARCE - Engineering Science, 4th year

Internship: Hypersonics Research Group, University of Oxford

Preliminary Investigation of Mars Entry Radiation


AMBER RIDGWAY - Biochemistry, 3rd year

Internship: University of British Colombia, Vancouver

Drosophila Melanogaster (Common Fruit Fly) Research


ZHEN SHAO - Mathematical & Theoretical Physics, 4th year

Internship: Mathematical Institute and Pembroke College, University of Oxford

Mathematical Methods for Website Optimisation


MIKO SIPIN - Chemistry, 4th year

Internship: NDOG (Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology) Lab, University of Oxford

The Effect of Urolithin A on TC71 Cancer Cells


JACK SMITH - Engineering Science, 2nd year

Internship: The Ordered Universe Project (June to August 2016, 7 weeks)

Visualising the Universe: Modern Representations of a Medieval Cosmology


LEANDER THIELE - Physics, 2nd year

Internship: Remeis Observatory in Bamberg, Germany

Unveiling the Secrets of Neutron Stars


RHIANNON WHITE - Experimental Psychology, 3rd year

Internship: Perception Lab, Dept. of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford (20th June- 9th September, 2016)

Improving Fixational Stability in Cases of Central Vision Loss


RICHARD BAUGH - Biochemistry, 4th Year

Internship: Dr Claire Edwards group, Botnar Institute, University of Oxford

Richard Baugh at Botnar Institute of Musculoskeletal Sciences


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