Professor Theo van Lint

Fellow, Calouste Gulbenkian Professor of Armenian Studies
01865 278235

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  • Secretary to the SCR
  • Silver Fellow

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  • Governing Body


The Oriental Institute, University of Oxford

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Oxford University Armenian Association (Oxford Armenian Students Association)
Senior member

AIEA (Association Internationale des Études Arméniennes)

Armenian Institute (London)
Advisor, Board of Trustees

The Mahfouz Foundation
Vice-Chairman, Board of Trustees

Member of:
Accademia Ambrosiana

Society of Armenian Studies

Associazione Padus-Araxes

Deutsch-Armenische Gesellschaft

MESA -Middle East Studies Association

Teaching Activities

Academic year 2012-2013

Modern Eastern Armenian

M12-T13 Modern Eastern Armenian II Mr David Zakarian

MSt in Classical Armenian Studies

M12 Introduction to Classical Armenian Mr Robin Meyer
M12 Historical Literature of the 5th - 9th centuries:
Agat'angełos Mr Robin Meyer
H13 Historical Literature of the 5th - 9th centuries:
Buzandaran, Movsēs Xorenac'i
H13 Historical Literature of the 10th - 14th centuries
H-T13 Epistolography: Grigor Magistros
H-T13 Religious and Secular Verse
H-T13 Homiletic and Polemical Literature

MPhil in Linguistics

M12 Classical, Middle, and Modern Armenian texts


M12 Introduction to Armenian Studies
H-T13 Grigor Pahlawuni Magistros (c. 985-1059). Life and Letters
H-T13 Middle Armenian Grammar


M12-T13 Armenian Studies Seminar (Convened occasionally)
M12-T13 Cultural Production and Preservation in the Diaspora Dr Hratch Tchilingirian

Not all courses indicated below are currently taught, others are available upon consultation:

  • Classical Armenian
  • Middle Armenian
  • Modern Eastern Armenian
  • Modern Western Armenian
  • History of Armenian Literature
  • Armenian Poetry
  • M.St and M.Phil. set texts
  • Armenian Codicology and Palaeography
  • Convenor: Armenian Studies Seminar

Research Interests

  • The Letters of Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni (985-1058): translation and commentary.

Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni (985-1059) was an erudite layman, whose epistolary is a mine of information on theology, literature, mythology, politics and other matters. The language of the letters is often complex, and represents an example of Grecising Armenian. Their translation and commentary is a desideratum in Armenian studies and is of importance for adjacent fields as well.

  • The reception of the throne vision of Ezekiel in Armenian literature and art. Apart from various of its aspects addressed in separate publications I am working on two larger works:

Vardan Anec'i's Panegyric on the Divine Chariot (10th-11th c.): Translation and commentary; Esayi Nč'ec'i's Commentary on the Book of Ezekiel (1303): Critical edition, translation, and study.

The prophet Ezekiel's vision at the river Chebar in Babylon has given rise to mystical and political interpretations in Armenia, expressed in biblical commentaries, poems, manuscript illuminations and other works of art for over a millennium.

  • Ashough Poetry and Storytelling: Asli and Kearam. In cooperation with Ms Vergine Gulbenkian, a storyteller from Oxford.
  • Kostandin Erznkac'i (13th-14th c.): his poems, their function, and his environment.
  • Grigor Tghay, poet and Catholicos (1133-1193).
  • Editing, together with Dr Emilio Bonfiglio (University of Geneva) of the volume on Literature in the Handbook of Armenian Studies of the Association Internationale des Etudes Arméniennes, published by Brill, Leiden.
  • An important aspect of my research interest concerns the different elements of the richly varied Armenian poetic tradition, religious and secular, oral and written, ancient, medieval and modern, as well as in its development, its contact with other traditions and the ways in which it views itself.

Recent Publications

  • "Sacred and Religious Objects", in Sylvie L. Merian, Lucy Ardash, and Edmond Y. Azadian (eds.), A Legacy of Armenian Treasures. Testimony to a People. Southfield, MI: The Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum 2013, 234-289 (with Amy S. Landau)
  • "Cigarette Cases", in Sylvie L. Merian, Lucy Ardash, and Edmond Y. Azadian (eds.), A Legacy of Armenian Treasures. Testimony to a People. Southfield, MI: The Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum 2013, 306-311 (with Amy S. Landau)
  • "Gregory the Illuminator", in Roger S. Bagnall, Kai Brodersen, Craige B. Champion, Andrew Erskine, and Sabine R. Huebner (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Ancient History (First Edition). Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 2013, 2992-2993.
  • "Making Sense of Ezekiel's Throne Vision? An Armenian Interpretation from the Bodleian Library", in Dali Chitunashvili (ed. in chief), Nikoloz Aleksidze and Mzia Surbuladze (eds.), Caucasus between East and West. Historical and Philological Studies in Honour of Zaza Aleksidze. Tbilisi: National Center of Manuscripts 2012, 422-428.
  • "From Reciting to Writing and Interpretation: Tendencies, Themes, and Demarcations of Armenian Historical Writing", in Sarah Foot and Chase F. Robinson (eds.), The Oxford History of Historical Writing. Volume II, 400-1400. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012, 180-200.
  • "Մի քանի հարցեր Եղիշե Չարենցի 'Աքիլլե՞ս, թե՞ Պյերո' ստեղծագործության մասին" (A Few Questions about Eghishe Charents' 'Achilles and Pierot'), in Azat Yeghiazaryan (ed.) Proceedings International Conference on Ełiše Č'arenc' (Oct. 2010), Erevan 2012, xx-xx.
  • "I Mongoli nella poesia armena medievale", Bazmavep 168 no 3-4, 2010, a cura di Marco Bais e Anna Sirinian (publ. 2012), 457-480.
  • "Symbolic Thought in Armenian History", in Gabriella Uluhogian, Boghos Levon Zekiyan, Vartan Karapetian (eds.), Armenia. Imprints of a Civilization, Milano: Skira 2011, 165-171.
  • "A Symbolist Poet Reading Narekats'i. Misak Medzarents' at the Crossroads of Modernism and Tradition", in Anna Briskina-Müller, Armenuhi Drost-Abgaryan, Axel Meißner (eds.), Logos im Dialogos. Auf der Suche nach der Orthodoxie. Gedenkschrift für Hermann Goltz, Berlin: Lit 2011, 43-61.
  • "Armenian Apostolic Church", in George Thomas Kurian (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization, Vol. I, Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell 2011, 114-120.
  • "Vardan Anetsi's Poem On the Divine Chariot and the Four Living Creatures, 10th -11th Century", in Richard G. Hovanissian (ed.), Armenian Kars and Ani, Costa Mesa: Mazda Publishers 2011, 81-99.
  • "Grigor Magistros", "Letters to Amir Ibrahim", and "Magnalia Dei, The Mighty Acts of God", in David Thomas and Alex Mallet (eds.), Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History, Volume 2 (950-1100). Leiden: Brill, 2010, 703-707, 707-710, 710-713.
  • Review of: Azat Yeghiazaryan, The Daredevils of Sasun: Poetics of an Epic. Translated by S. Peter Cowe, Costa Mesa: Mazda Publishers, 2008. Comparative Literature Studies, Vol 47, No. 4, 2010, 558-561.
  • Review of: M.E Stone, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha and Armenian Studies. Collected Papers Volume II, Louvain: Peeters, 2006. Journal of Jewish Studies, Vol. LXI, No 1, Spring 2010, 160-162.
  • "Armenian MS Book" in Michael Suarez and Henry Woudhuysen (eds.), The Oxford Companion to the Book, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010, 479-480.
  • (With Meliné Pehlivanian) "Armenian Type" in Michael Suarez and Henry Woudhuysen (eds.). The Oxford Companion to the Book, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010, 480.
  • "The Treaty of Turkmenchai, 1828. Russian and Armenian Perceptions", in M. Branch (ed.), Defining Self. Essays on emergent identities in Russia Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries (Studia Fennica, Ethnologica 10), Helsinki: Finnish Literature Society 2009, 96-116.
  • "The Formation of Armenian Identity in the First Millenium", Church History and Religious Culture, 2009 (vol. 89, 1-3), 251-78.

Associates in Armenian Studies

Dr Hratch Tchilingirian
Faculty Associate MT 2012 - TT 2014
Modern Armenian Culture, History, Politics; Armenian Diaspora

Dr Irene Tinti
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow 2013
The Armenian Translation of Plato's Timaeus: Language and Ascription

Leverhulme Visiting Professor in Early Christian, Byzantine and Armenian Art

Prof Thomas F. Mathews
The John Langeloth Loeb Professor of the History of Art, EmeritusInstitute of Fine Arts, NYU
Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Visiting Fellow, Pembroke College (HT & TT 2010)

TT 2010 Lecture Series: Armenian Art on the International Stage
HT 2010 Lecture Series: Cultic Paintings from Antiquity to the Renaissance

Recent Activities

Presentations Given in 2012

Continuïteit en verandering in de Armeense traditie: De dynamiek van een bloeiende cultuur
Symposium Sint Servatius de Armeniër. Armeense Vereniging Ani, De Bonbonnière, Maastricht, 10 March.

Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni (985-1059): ein ex-zentrischer Armenier?
Österreichisch-armenische Studiengesellschaft & Institut für Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik an der Universität Wien, Vienna, 14 March.

Final Panel at Workshop Civil Society Rapprochement and High Politics Stalemate. Mapping the Future of Armenian-Turkish Relations in the Context of the Wider Middle East, University of Lancaster, 24 March.

Grigor Magistros' Letter No. 71
Third UK Armenian Studies Workshop, University of St Andrews, 9 June.

The Importance of Language for Armenian Culture
Opening Presentation Exhibition De Diaspora van het Armeense Boek 1512-2012
Aula Universiteit Amsterdam - Bijzondere Collecties University Library Amsterdam, 12 June.

Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni: Die armenische Kultur aus dem Sicht eines Gelehrten Laien des 11. Jahrhunderts
65. Jahrestag-Symposium Das armenische Christentum, Ostchristliches Institut der Universität Würzburg, 23 June.

Colofoni armeni in rime
Workshop Colofoni armeni a confronto. Le sottoscrizioni dei manoscritti in ambito armeno e nelle altre tradizioni scrittorie del mondo mediterraneo, Università di Bologna, 13 October.

Lola Koundakjian's Poetry
An Evening with Lola Koundakjian, St Sarkis Church Diocese 90th Anniversary Celebrations, Gulbenkian Hall, London, 3 November.

Hellenophile Armenian? The Language of Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni
IXth International Conference on Armenian Linguistics, Institute of Linguistics, Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, 9 November.

La cultura armena nella visione del mondo di Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni
Key-note lecture at election to membership of the Accademia Ambrosiana, Milan, 12 November.

Krikor Momjian, schilder en dichter
Opening lecture Exhibition Krikor Momjian, Galerie M, Alphen aan den Rijn, 16 December.

Le lettere di Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni a Amir Ibrahim
Facoltà di Orientalistica, Università di Pisa, 18 December.

Le lettere di Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni a Katholikos Petros Getadarj
Facoltà di Orientalistica, Università di Pisa, 19 December.

Il passato armeno nelle lettere di Grigor Magistros Pahlawuni
Facoltà di Orientalistica, Università di Pisa, 19 December.


HT 2012
Armenian Poetry Seminar: Vardan Anec'i's Panegyric on the Divine Chariot

HT 2011
Medieval Armenian Poetry

MT 2010
The Formation of Christian Armenia: Methods of Historiography & Christian Armenia's Early History
Discussing Nina G. Garsoïan Studies on the Formation of Christian Armenia (2010)

Armenian Studies Seminar Convened

MT 2012
Armenian Smyrna. In Commemoration of the 90th Anniverary of the Great Fire of Smyrna
Prof Richard G. Hovannisian (UCLA)

TT 2012
Revealing the Caucasian Albanian Palimpsests: Story of the Discovery and Deciphering
Professor Zaza Aleksidze (Director Emeritus, National Centre of Manuscripts, Tbilisi, Georgia; Professor of Armenian Studies, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)

TT 2011
Nikolaj Marr's Linguistic Theories and their Use in Academic Administration
Dr Andries van Helden (Leiden University)
Joint lecture with Introduction to Caucasian Studies Lecture Series

The Transformation of Turkey
Prof Fatma Müge Göçek (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Jointly convened with Dr Kerem Öktem, SEESOX, University of Oxford

Why Autonomy? The Making of Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region 1918-1925
Dr Arsene Saparov (Paris - Budapest)

TT 2010
Three Late Antique Armenian Silver Crosses
Dr Tim Greenwood (University of St Andrews)

The Lost Song: Non-Muslim Minorities and Turkish Literary Historiography
Dr Laurent Mignon (University of Oxford)

Lecture Series Convened

TT 2012
Jos Weitenberg Memorial Workshop on the History of Armenian
Dr Hratch Martirosyan (Leiden University)
(Jointly convened with Dr Ilya Yakubovich, University of Oxford)

TT 2012
The Times of the Blood Rains. Georgia in Shakespearian Times
Mr Giorgi Akhvlediani (Georgian author, London - Tbilisi)
(Jointly convened with Mr Nikoloz Aleksidze, DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford)

HT 2011
Introduction to Caucasian Studies
Mr Nikoloz Aleksidze (DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford)

HT 2011
Sharaknoc': The Armenian Hymnal and Hymnography
Grigor Narekac'i Lectures in Armenian Poetry 2011
Prof Armenuhi Drost-Abgaryan, (Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg)

MT 2010
Introduction to Textual Criticism
Mr Emilio Bonfiglio (DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford)

Introduction to Georgian Culture
Mr Nikoloz Aleksidze, Dr Manana Odisheli, Prof Donald Rayfield, Prof Robert W. Thomson
(Jointly convened with Mr Nikoloz Aleksidze, DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford)

TT 2010
Poetry of Twilight and Revolution:
Eghishe Charents (1897-1937) and the European-Russian Tradition
Grigor Narekac'i Lectures in Armenian Poetry 2010
Prof Azat Yeghiazaryan, (Armenian-Slavonic University, Erevan

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