Professor Jeremy Taylor

Tutor in Physiological Sciences, O'Brien-Abraham Fellow, Associate Professor of Human Anatomy

Teaching activities

Director of Pre-Clinical Studies

Pre-clinical medicine Anatomy, Embryology, Histology

Pre-clinical medicine Neuroscience

Graduate Entry Medicine Embryology and Neuroscience

FHS/MSc lectures/tutorials in neural development and CNS repair

Chairman MSC Neuroscience and 4 Year Wellcome Trust programme in Neuroscience

Lecturer Brasenose College

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  • Fellow and Tutor in Medicine

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Department of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics

Research interests

Axon Growth and Guidance in the Developing and Regenerating Central Nervous System

How do nerve fibres know where to grow and why do they fail to re-grow when the nervous system is damaged? We are interested in the development and regeneration of the vertebrate central nervous system, particularly the visual and corticospinal systems, and specifically at points of axon decussation, which are complex decision regions. In development we are interested in the specification of retinal and cortical neurons to project to specific targets and the development of the known regions where such axons respond to guidance cues in development.
The regeneration of axons within the adult CNS is characteristically very poor, especially for projection neurons. However, we have shown that retinal axons will re-navigate their appropriate pathways and re-establish connectivity during a defined time window of late development. At this time the neurons are still capable of transcribing their original growth related genes, and are in a CNS environment that is neither inhibitory, nor has lost the guidance cues essential for correct navigation. We are currently exploring the limits on this response using both neurotrophins and Glial cell derived factors to extend the regenerative period.

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