Professor Guy Kahane

Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Associate Professor of Philosophy

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College Function

Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy


Director of Studies and Research Fellow, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford.

Course Director, MSt in Practical Ethics, University of Oxford.

Associate Editor, the Journal of Practical Ethics.

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Research interests

Applied ethics, meta-ethics, value theory, , and the evolution, psychology and neuroscience of morality.


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Kahane, G., Everett, J., Earp, B., Caviola, L., Faber, N., Crockett, M., Savulescu, J. Beyond Sacrificial Harm: A Two-Dimensional Model of Utilitarian Psychology, forthcoming in Psychological Review.

Kahane, G. History and Persons, forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

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