Professor Ben Davis

Fellow and Tutor in Organic Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry
01865 275752

Teaching activities

Detailed Biography

    Research Interests

    The Chemical Biology of Carbohydrates & Proteins. Our research centres on carbohydrates and enzymes. Interests encompass organic synthesis and methodology, inhibitor design, biocatalysis, enzyme mechanism, protein engineering, drug delivery, molecular modelling and molecular biology. The application of an understanding of such systems on a fundamental level, leads to the design, synthesis and modification of potential therapeutic and biotechnologically applicable systems.

    Recent Activities

    My group and I publish widely in the fields of Chemistry and Biology and thus far our work has formed 20 patents and just over 100 papers, books and book chapters.

    Some recent examples include:

    • Carbohydrate Chemistry: OUP Chemistry Primer No. 99, B.G. Davis and A.J. Fairbanks, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2002, ISBN: 0198558333.
    • The Synthesis of Glycoproteins, B.G. Davis, Chem. Rev., 2002, 102, (2), 579-601
    • Drug Delivery Systems Based on Sugar-Macromolecule Conjugates, B.G. Davis and M.A. Robinson, Curr. Opin. Drug Discovery Develop., 2002, 5, (2), 279-288.
    • A Carbohydrate-Antioxidant Hybrid Polymer Reduces Oxidative Damage in Spermatozoa and Enhances Fertility, C. Fleming, Al Maldjian, D. Da Costa, P. Penny, R.C. Noble, N.R. Cameron, B.G. Davis, Nature Chemical Biology 2005, 1, 270-274
    • Exploring and Exploiting the Therapeutic Potential of Glycoconjugates, K.J. Doores, D.P. Gamblin, B.G. Davis, Chem.Eur.J. 2006, 12, 656-665
    • The Imitation Game-A Computational Chemical Approach to Recognizing Life, L. Cronin, N. Krasnogor, B.G. Davis, C. Alexander, N. Robertson, J.H.G. Steinke, S.L.M. Schroeder, A.N. Khlobystov, G. Cooper, P.M. Gardner, P. Siepmann, B.J. Whitaker, D. Marsh, Nature Biotechnology 2006, 24, 1203-1206
    • Expaning the Diversity of Chemical Protein Modification Allows Post-Translational Mimicry, S.I. van Kasteren, H.B. Kramer, H.H. Jensen, S.J. Campbell, J. Kirkpatrick, N.J. Oldham, D.C. Anthony, B.G. Davis, Nature 2007, 446, 1105-1109

    Some of the work has led to formation of a small biotechnology company, Glycoform aimed at exploiting the therapeutic potential of glycoproteins. It's a reflection on the hard work and creativity of the group and the company that the magazine Technology Review picked this work in 2003 to be part of their TR100.