Professor Ariel Ezrachi

Fellow and Tutor in Law, Slaughter and May Professor of Competition Law

Teaching activities

  • Competition Law
  • EC Law
  • Company Law
  • Contract Law

Research interests

  • Competition Law
  • Multinational Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Ec Law


Upcoming Event

'Online Markets and Offline Welfare Effects - The Internet, Competition, Society and Democracy'
22nd May, 9am-6.30pm, Pembroke College Oxford. Organised by the Centre for Competition Law and Policy.

Recent Books

EU Competition Law, An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases, Hart Publishing, (4th Edn, 2014)

This book is the fourth edition of the highly practical guide to the leading cases in European Competition Law. It explores the application of Article 101 TFEU, Article 102 TFEU and the European Merger Regulation, as well as the public and private enforcement of Competition Law. In addition, it reviews the intersection between Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights and the application of Competition Law to State action. Each chapter outlines the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines for each topic. Within this framework, cases are reviewed in summary form, accompanied by analysis and commentary.

A. Ezrachi and M. E. Stucke, Virtual Competition: The Promise and Perils of the Algorithim-Driven Economy (2016)

Virtual Competition raises timely questions. To what extent does the “invisible hand” still hold sway? In markets continually manipulated by bots and algorithms, is competitive pricing an illusion? Can our current laws protect consumers? The changing market reality is already shifting power into the hands of the few. Ezrachi and Stucke explore the resulting risks to competition, our democratic ideals, and our economic and overall well-being.

Link to publication


J.Naughton, 'How do you throw the book at an algorithim?'The Guardian 

B. G. Malkiel, 'The Invisible Digital Hand'The Wall Street Journal 

J. Priluck, 'When Bots Collude'The New Yorker 

Global Antitrust and Compliance Handbook (Eds DD Sokol, D Crane, and A Ezrachi), OUP (2014)

This multi-jurisdictional compliance guide offers a comprehensive and detailed multi-country review of critical antitrust compliance issues. The book outlines the laws and practice in forty three of the most important antitrust jurisdictions around the world - focusing on anticompetitive agreements, market power and monopolization, enforcement, arbitration and remedies.

With compliance requirements in mind, the book provides law firms and in-house lawyers with the necessary information to explore the changing global antitrust landscape.

Recent Articles

A. Ezrachi and M. E. Stucke, 'How Pricing Bots Could Form Cartels and Make Things More Expensive'Harvard Business Review 

A. Ezrachi and M. E. Stucke, 'The Subtle Ways Your Digital Assistant Might Manipulate You'Wired

Recent invited presenations include:

‘The curious case of competition and quality’ at the ESRC CCP 10th Annual Conference. Paper available here

‘Effective Competition Law Enforcement’ at the UNCTAD Research Partnership Platform, Geneva.

‘Recent Development in Competition Policy’ at the Comisión Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia, Argentina

‘Anticompetitive Rebates’ at the Fiscalía Nacional Económica, Chile

‘The Goals of Competition Law’ at the Authority for Consumers and Markets, Netherlands.


'How Retailers Ripped You Off This Holiday' (Dec 2016)