Ms Caroline Crepin

Modern Languages

After completing a MASTERS in English Literature and Linguistics and a DEGREE in French Literature, I spent a year in Glasgow as a French assistant. Back in France I passed a teaching certification in English (CAPES) and started working as an English teacher in secondary schools. In 2015 I passed the Agrégation in English with a mind to start an academic career. I have since started a PhD on Water Metaphors in Robert Louis Stevenson’s work.

Teaching activities

Besides teaching English and French in schools I have been teaching translation to undergraduate students in Lyon 3. I have also been invited to the University of Beauvais to give a conference on Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. In 2017 I was offered a position of French Lectrice in New College and Pembroke, Oxford. 

Research interests

I am mainly interested in narratives of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, by Bristish and American writers alike. I have also studied prose poetry by Arthur Rimbaud and Charles Baudelaire.

To complete my Masters I have written a research paper on Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by R.L. Stevenson. I was then living in Scotland and became passionate about Scottish writers such as James Hogg, R.L. Stevenson, J.M. Barrie or contemporary novelist John Burnside.

I am also deeply interested in Linguistics and most specifically in the cognitive processes at work in the coinage of metaphors. I am currently working on the resort to water in fixed metaphors in English and French.