Dr Peter King

Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy

Teaching activities

African Philosophy, Ethics, History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant, Knowledge and Reality, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science and Social Science, Aristotle's Ethics, Descartes' Meditations, Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence, Mill's Utilitarianism

Detailed Biography


Member of the Humanist Philosophers Group
Member of the Society of Authors
Associate Editor of Sorites

Recent Activities

'The ontological argument' (Richmond Journal of Philosophy; forthcoming)
'Petitionary prayer' (Richmond Journal of Philosophy, 2; 2006)
'One man's meat is another man's person' (in Mind and Its Place in the World, edd Alexander Batthyany, & Avshalom Elitzur; Ontos Verlag, 2006)
One Hundred Philosophers (Barrons (U.S.), Apple (U.K.), ABC (Aus.) 2004; French, Estonian, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese editions, 2005)
'Parapsychology without the 'para' (or the psychology)' (Think, 3; 2003)
'Hereafter, in a later world than this' (Sorites, 10; 1999)
'The problem of evil' (Philosophical Writings, 9; 1998)
'Other times' (Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 73; 1995)
'Lycan on Lewis and Meinong' (Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, XCIII, 2; 1993)

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Research interests

My main research interests are in metaphysics (especially the nature of time, possible worlds, and the relationship between mind and body), the philosophy of religion, and ethics. I'm currently working on a book of dialogues in the philosophy of religion, as well as developing a broadly objectivist and utilitarian approach in a series of papers in both metaethics and practical ethics.