Dr Matthias Dilling

Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics

My research is on comparative politics, with special focus on institutional development and party politics in Europe. I have a particular interest in intra-party politics, party organization and Western European Christian democracy.

I completed my doctoral studies at Nuffield College (University of Oxford) in 2017. In my book-length thesis ‘Organizational Choices and Organizational Adaptability in Political Parties’, I used a mixed-methods approach to explain why Christian democratic parties in Western Europe have varied in their ability to adapt to changing social and political conditions. My research draws on archival work in several European countries and was funded by Nuffield College and the Department of Politics and International Relations.

In 2015-2016, I was a Visiting Researcher at Yale University. Before starting my doctorate, I received an MPhil in Comparative Government (with distinction) from Nuffield College (University of Oxford) in 2014 and a BA in Political Science (First Class) from FU Berlin in 2012.

I also comment on German and European politics. My comments have appeared, among others, on CTV News, BBC Mundo and Slovak Pravda.
You can find out more about my work here.

Teaching activities

At Pembroke, I teach the following papers:

- Practice of Politics (first year undergraduate paper)

- Comparative Government

- Political Sociology

- Politics in Europe.

I also have experience in teaching graduate students in Qualitative Methods, Comparative Research Designs and Archival Research.


'Two of the Same Kind? The Rise of the AfD and its Implications for the CDU/CSU' German Politics and Society, 36 (1), forthcoming.

'The CDU. Representation and Representation Deficits within a People’s Party', in E. Wiesendahl ed., Parteien und Soziale Ungleichheit, 89–121, Springer, 2017 (in German).

'The Electoral Potential of Right- and Left-wing Extremist Parties. Unideological Protest Vote?', in G. Hirscher and E. Jesse eds., Extremismus in Deutschland, 397-434, 2013 (with Viola Neu, in German).