Dr Emilio Bonfiglio

Junior Research Fellow in Oriental Studies

Research interests

  • Late Antique and Byzantine Greek literary culture in contact with the Armenian and Syriac traditions

  • Greek and Oriental Patristics

  • Ancient Armenian, Syriac, and Latin translations of Greek Texts

  • John Chrysostom and the transmission and reception of its corpus (including the pseudo-Chrysostomica) in the Greek tradition and the ancient oriental languages

  • Textual criticism and manuscript transmission

  • New Testament Apocrypha in Armenian (Martyrium Philippi)

  • Armenian history and literary culture (especially homiletics)


In preparation/forthcoming


  • John Chrysostom’s Homilies Before his First Exile (OUP)
  • Handbook of Armenian Studies: Volume on Literature, co-edited with Theo M. van Lint, Leiden: Brill
  • Critical edition with introduction, translation, and commentary of the armenian translations of the ‘Martyrium Philippi’ (Acta Apocrypha Armeniaca), in preparation for the Corpus Christianorum Series Apocryphonrum, Brepols: Turnhout

Book chapters

  •   ‘Armenian Patristic Translations and Homiletics’, in Handbook of Armenian Studies: Volume on Literature, ed. by E. Bonfiglio and T.M. van Lint, Leiden: Brill


  • Contra Theatra’ from Greek to Armenian Patristics: the Case Study of John Chrysostom and John Mandakuni’, (in: Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies)
  • ‘The Armenian Versions of the Martyrium Philippi: Status Quaestionis and Editorial Issues’ (in: Apocrypha)
  • ‘John Chrysostom in the Ancient Armenian Translations’ (in: Le Muséon)

Full publications


  • ‘Anianus Celedensis Translator of John Chrysostom’s Homilies on Matthew: A Pelagian Interpretation?’, in Savvas Neocleous, ed., Papers from the First and Second Postgraduate Forums in Byzantine Studies: Sailing to Byzantium (Newcastle, 2009), 77-104.
  • ‘Notes on the Manuscript Tradition of Anianus Celedensis’ Translation of John Chrysostom’s Homiliae in Matthaeum [cpg 4424],’ in Baun, J.R., and others, eds, Studia Patristica XLVII (Leuven, 2010), 287-293.

Encyclopaedia entries

  • i) ‘Koriwn’, ii) ‘Primary History’; iii) ‘Sebēos’; iv) ‘Łewond’; v) ‘Movsēs Xorenac‘i, in Dunphy, R.G., ed., Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle (Leiden and Boston: 2010), 977, 1234, 1347-1348, 1021-1022, 1125-1127.

Book reviews

  • With Christos Simelidis: Sancti Gregorii Nazianzeni opera. Versio Armeniaca, IV. Oratio VI. Edita a Clotaire Sanspeur cum indice a Nancy Castillo, Corpus Christianorum Series Graeca 61, Corpus Nazianzenum 21 (Turnhout - Leuven 2007), in BYZANTINA, 29 (2009), 576-578.
  • Andrea Scala, L’antica traduzione armena della “Lettera a Teodoro” di Giovanni Crisostomo (Alessandria, 2005), in Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, 21 (2012), 283-286.
  • Augustin, P., ed., Codices Chrysostomici Graeci VII (Paris, 2011), in Analecta Christiana Periodica, 79/1 (2013), 236-238.

Other publications

  • ‘A Sung Grace for Pembroke College’, Pembroke College Records 2008-9 (Oxford, 2009), 78-79.
  • ‘Senior Studentship Report’, Pembroke College (Oxford, 2011).
  • ‘Chrysostomian Armenian Manuscripts in Israel and Egypt (Research Report)’, The Bulletin of the Council for British Research in the Levant, 6 (2011), 78.


  •   Translated from the French: Calzolari, V., ‘The Ancient Armenian Translations of Greek Philosophical Texts: the Works of David the Invincible’, Scripta & e-Scripta, 10-11 (2012), 131-147.
  •   Translated from the French: Calzolari, V., ‘The Editing of Christian Apocrypha in Armenian: Should We Turn Over a New Leaf?’, in Valentina Calzolari, ed., Armenian Philology in the Modern Era: From Manuscript to Digital Text (Leiden 2014), 264-291.
  • Translated from the French: Morani, M., ‘Connections between Linguistics, Normative Grammar, and Philology’, in Valentina Calzolari, ed., Armenian Philology in the Modern Era: From Manuscript to Digital Text (Leiden 2014), 199-213.