12 Week Challenge

Alternative facts or the truth? Whatever - there is no alternative to giving if you want to transform lives at Pembroke!


Take the challenge, make a difference

Over 12 weeks we challenged you to make your first gift to Pembroke and help us raise enough to fund the places of 20 sixth-formers on a seven day Summer School here in College and help undergraduates to study abroad. As well as being vital to these areas, the Annual Fund makes a crucial difference in many aspects of College life and more information can be found here.

We understand not everyone is able to give but if you do wish to donate to the Annual Fund then please do so here.

As well as challenging both alumni and ourselves to support the Annual Fund we also wanted to challenge you on how much you knew about Pembroke and its rather interesting history. Each week we unveiled a new "Alternative fact" and challenged you to work out whether or not its true. The Challenge is now finished and the answers are below.

True or False?






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