Starter for Ten

Gifts of all sizes directly support our students and make a positive difference to their time at Pembroke each year. Regular gifts not only allow us to plan for the future, but these donations add up to meet the most pressing needs of our community. 

With everyone giving what they can, be it £10 monthly, annually or more, then the College can guarantee a host of opportunities for our students. Find out more in our latest brochure. Also, all new regular gifts made to Pembroke will release an additional £200 gift to Pembroke thanks to a generous matching scheme from our 1954 Year Group donors. 

When alumni come together, it has a great impact on our students:

  • A commitment of £10 each month from 10 alumni helps to support the funding for one student bursary.
  • A donation of £10 each quarter from 10 alumni provides an undergraduate academic scholarship.
  • A gift of £10 each year from 10 alumni funds a student-allocated grant for an existing or new student initiative

For more information, please ring Kendall Murphy on +44 (0)1865 276 501 or email