There is a choral service every Sunday in chapel during Oxford Terms at 5.30pm, to which the public are very welcome. This is usually Evensong according to the practice of the Book of Common Prayer. Preachers are from various religious traditions and standpoints.

This term, services are:


All Services 5.30pm, followed by drinks.

Week 2: 22nd January 2017. Choral Evensong Organ performance – Sarah Lister, J S Bach - Choral Prelude ''Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele'' BWV 654

Week 3: 29th January 2017. Choral Evensong. Preacher: the chaplain

Week 4: 5th February 2017. C U Service

Week 5: 12th February 2017. Choral Evensong. Preacher: the chaplain

Week 6: 19th February 2017. No service in College Chapels – Corporate Collegiate Service in St Mary the Virgin University Church, and University Sermon, Prof Tiffany Stern, Professor of Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature, Royal Holloway

Week 7: 26th February 2017. Preacher: Dr Nicholas Cole – The Screwtape Letters of C S Lewis

Week 8: 5th March 2017. Choral Evensong. Preacher: the chaplain

Please ring the bell at the Porters’ Lodge if the door is not open to gain access to the college.

Drinks are served afterwards.

For more information, contact:
The Chaplain, Andrew Teal, on 01865 286276 or email