The main Pembroke site is based around four principal quadrangles - Old Quad, Chapel Quad, North Quad and The Rokos Quad – grouped around which are a series of 'staircases' and more modern buildings, providing accommodation for Fellows and students, teaching rooms, social spaces and administrative offices.

Old Quad, as you enter Pembroke through the Lodge, dates from the 1600s and includes an entrance to the 15th century Broadgates Hall. The south side of the quad was built in the 1620s on the City Wall and the east side was added in 1673. Its gravel surface was replaced by a lawn in the late 1920s, and early 1930s.

An archway leads from Old Quad to Chapel Quad which contains the Chapel (1732) and the Hall (1848). Chapel Quad was known as ‘New Quad’ or, sometimes, ‘the Grass Quad’, until North Quad was opened in 1962. The range opposite the Chapel was completed in 1846 and was then known as the 'New Buildings'; it includes student accommodation, Fellows' rooms and the Senior Common Room (SCR). In October 2009 it was named The Robert Stevens Building in honour of Professor Robert Stevens, Master 1993-2001. 

In the north-east corner of Chapel Quad is the entrance through to the North Quad, which was formed by the closure of Beef Lane and the incorporation into the College of a row of houses on Pembroke Street.

From the south-west corner of Chapel Quad there is access to a footbridge across Brewer Street, which leads to The Rokos Quad, around which are situated The Henderson Building, The Harold H W Lee Building and The Rose Place Building.  This large complex of new buildings was completed in early 2013 and also includes The Wagstaff Building, The Mahfouz Building and the fully refurbished Bannister Building.  Taken together these new areas provide not only student accommodation, but also Farthings cafe, The Pichette Auditorium, several seminar and meeting rooms, an art gallery, music practice rooms and new outdoor spaces.

The main site is completed by the smaller Library Quad, reached through a passage from Old Quad and giving access to the McGowin Library and the Almshouses which incorporate the Master's Lodgings.

The Geoffrey Arthur Building sits some 10 minutes walk to the south, on the banks of the River Thames, providing social space and accommodation for many more students.